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Afribank boosts collections with efficiency

By leveraging on its sim plified service processing and robust banking information technology, Afribank Nigeria Plc has boosted its revenue collections nationwide for both private and public institutions.

The Bank’s monthly rating has also improved across performance based criteria in the collection of revenue for state governments. Alpha-Beta Consulting has attested to Afribank’s soaring performance in the collections of revenue for Lagos State Government last in November. It was adjudged to have excelled in the areas of volume of collections, compliance, reconciliation, competitiveness, responsiveness among others.

Afribank had last year secured the mandate of Lagos State Government to collect its revenue and taxes in all parts of the State under after fulfilling “with necessary technical and operational procedure”.

Management of the Bank stressed that all its over 300 branches have been adequately equipped to render excellent service in the collection of revenue. Afribank’s robust IT platform, Globus, has enabled it to offer e-banking services such as local and international money transfer, e-immigration, mobile banking and private banking.

Management of the Bank assured that its new business model emphasizes customer satisfaction and value at every point of interaction with the brand. The Bank had deployed facilities with a view to enhancing efficiency, transparency and accountability of its collections in all its collections points.

Afribank has become a frontline financial institution in partnering public sector and private operators in the implementation of their economic, business and social development programme. For its efficiency and track record in the areas of revenue, bills, taxes and sundry fees collections, many state governments including Edo, Delta, Ogun State, Ondo State, Abia State, Osun and Cross River States have partnered the Bank for their revenue collection business.

Afribank is currently in the forefront of revenue collection for custom and excise duties, Power Holding of Nigeria Company, educational taxes and sale of educational forms.


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