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Readers’ Testimonials And Reactions

By Ifeoma Tete Mbuk
Dear Ify

-Your article titled “It’s Service That Counts” Sunday 21st June edition of Allure Vanguard Newspaper is a very interesting and well researched piece of information. It is just about our attitude either in a business or office environment – A Customer/Client’s impression matters a lot to the services offered and leaves an indelible mark  … but in Nigeria the reverse case is usually the case. That’s where re-branding or re-orientation rather comes in.
We travel to other countries and admire how customers are recognised and well treated and we seem to dump such experiences at the airport. Yet, we pretend to copy them! My dear, keep it up. Rose, FCT Abuja.

-Your articles in ALLURE inspire me a lot. HUNGER PANGS made a significant impact. (08025807012)
-Just read ALLURE Consumer. The picture caught my attention & it was you! Thanks 4 the tips. (08033228011)
-Sweet heart, you are beauty personified. I really enjoy your wonderful wealth of experience in the business field. I hope to tap from it. Keep it up. (08070311201)

-Always remember that formal education would earn you a living, but self education would earn you a fortune. Great job you do in ALLURE, you help self educate. All the best. (08084993637)
-RE: “Civility: A Substantial Advantage”. I really enjoyed this piece. I am moved and I think I am changing for good in my relationship with people. (08032959296)

-Just came across your write-up on “Customers Want What They Want”. That was very intelligent. I think I need your assistance to achieve my dream (08064460019)

-Thanks Ifeoma, I appreciate your stuff. Your write-up in ALLURE magazine is huge. Now, I read Vanguard. Thanks for what Americans call great up. (08054154307)

-Hi Ifeoma, ever since I read your article titled “Consumer Finance: Balancing Your Money Equation” in ALLURE of August 23, 2009, I have kept a date with your column. (07060767651)

-Hello, just read your piece Consumer Confidence (Aug 16) on water safety. Quite enlightening. (08036636068)
-I totally agree with your article “Consumer Finance: Balancing Your Money Equation”. I had been a supersaver, but only recently realised that I lacked fun…even with all the fashion and style sense I had. Thanks for rubbing it in. (08027364583)


RR: “Jack Welch Says there’s no work-life balance”.  I think Jack Welch still lives in the 1900s. I am a child of work-life balancing mum and her training has helped to inform my balancing act as a wife, mother and career woman. Talk about girl power the perfect life. (08032022054)

Ifeoma: Absolutely. A sensible woman must learn the balancing act to effectively cope with the demands of her job and family. Planning is key.

RR: Please I would need your advice. I found it very impossible to save out of my monthly salary. How do I go about it? Please advice. (08072241694)
Ifeoma: How much do you earn? How much do you spend every month on food, rent, electricity bill, personal upkeep and so on? To enable me advise you, please send your reply to above questions

RR: Hi Ify, I know I am out of line but perhaps you could help. I need to start a unique and exclusive business at Asaba but lack the ideas. I don’t want to be a copycat. Help. (08068635483)
Ifeoma: What makes a business unique and exclusive is a combination of several factors. Do not be afraid to copy a business that you have passion for because you can do it better.

Let me know at least 5 types of businesses that interest you. Send your reply by email

RR: Dear Ifeoma, I noticed cockroaches in the bakery section of a popular eatery in Lagos. What action can I take? I have damning photos taken. (08051616656)
Ifeoma: If you are absolutely sure of your claim, please take action by reporting to the floor manager of the restaurant with your evidence. Demand an apology. Insist that the company articulates measures that will provide hygienic environment and also ensure food safety for consumers. Follow up with unannounced visits to the store. If you are not satisfied please contact the Consumer Protection Council, Abuja. Hotlines: 08056002020; 08056003030

RR: Greetings. I like your article on “How to Interact at Social Gatherings”. I will be glad if you send a copy to me. (07059162305)
Ifeoma: I am happy you found the article useful. For a copy of the article, please resend this enquiry using your email address

RR: Madam, I have just read your article on Consumer Finance. Though it is an interesting one but I was scared because I felt I am not responsible. My net pay is 25k, saving from amount is serious when you have siblings to care for and so many other things to do. Please how do I save and grow because I dread and hate poverty. (08028344333)
Ifeoma: We all dread and hate poverty, my dear. My advice is that you work harder for an increase in your net pay. Secondly, you can boost your income by engaging in part-time jobs at weekends, and also by cutting off irrelevant expenses. With this, you can help your siblings and still have some savings no matter how small.


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