By Remmy Diagbare

Dear Remmy.

I am an ardent reader of fashion flair , and i have learnt a lot form you.. I want to say thank you
I will like you to help me out with tips that would help to ehance my skin. My skin okay. I just want it to glow more.
Funke, Ibadan

Dear Funke,
Thank you for your letter. I do feel needed when I hear from you, so this is calling on other readers who may have skin or beauty challenges to write in. There are four important  everyday things  that keeps your skin glowing, even into old age. These are; exfoliation Hydration, nourishment, and diet,


How often do you exfoliate your skin? Is it enough? This s the number one key to glowing skin, Unfortunately lot of people fail to do this all important treatment.
The older you grow, the more often you need to exfoliate your skin. As we all know, skin cells die and new cells keep getting regenerated. These dead cells come to rest on the top layer of our skin, making our skin look dull, and, in some cases, patchy. Although dead skin is replaced naturally by new cells, this process takes longer as we age This is why regular exfoliation becomes a must.


Keeping the skin well hydrated is another important factor , when aiming for glowing skin. Although your letter did not state your skin type, but I can infer that it is either dry or normal. This is because, those with oily skin would naturally have a glow on their skin, whether they have  pimples or not. Avoid using bathing sap , which can stream your skin of it’s natural moisture. Use instead, cleansers, milky ones preferably.

•Diet too plays an important part in your skin’s health.
•Diet too plays an important part in your skin’s health.


Masks are undoubtedly excellent for the skin, as they provide much needed nourishment. Think about it. Your face is exposed to the elements throughout the day, and the only form of nourishment it gets is a smattering of moisturizer every now and again. Although we should be applying face masks regularly, how many of us do so
Some of us apply facemasks once a month, while others do so no more than 2-3 times a year. Ideally you should apply a nourishing  face mask weekly, even daily if possible. Can you imagine the difference applying a face mask daily will make to your skin ten years down the line You don’t need to spend money buying a mask. Make your own face masks by using ingredients from your kitchen.. Egg yolk, honey, bananas, day old yogurt? all are excellent for the skin, whisk and apply on your face. Don’t stick to the same face mask all the time. Keep applying something different.


Diet too plays an important part in your skin’s health. Always eat fresh foods, and avoid junk foods  as much as you can. Eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, nuts and drink plenty of water. At least eight glasses a day.
If you make sure you eat enough of these in abundance and lay off fried, greasy and junk food, you are all set and on the right path to fabulous skin at 60, and, who knows, maybe seventy! Just don’t forget to write in and tell us how you did it!

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