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By Zainab Ashadu
I will like to know the best way to wear hoop earrings ?
Hoop earrings are one of the most versatile things you can have in your jewelry box. They can transform an outfit and add elegance and sophistication or a hint of funk and irreverence, depending on how you wear them. Hoops tend to be very flattering on just about any face shape, which is another reason they’re ubiquitous.

Small hoops can be worn with suits or skirts for the office or client meetings, and with jeans or other more casual looks on the weekend.
Medium hoops, especially gold ones, are classic and work almost anywhere and with anything, from a silk shirt to a turtleneck to a T-shirt.
If you have multiple piercing in your ears, a couple of small hoops is edgy without going over the top.
Big hoops? Strictly for a night out. C’mon now, don’t make us call the fashion police.

I have quite broad shoulders and was wondering what clothes would suit me.

First of all, let me say “lucky you!” Clothes are designed to hang well on you—and the reason shoulder pads were invented in the first place is that more of us want to have that strong, beautiful shoulder line.

That said, there are definitely looks and pieces that will help you make the most of this gift—the key is finding pieces that balance your proportions.

First, let’s talk about the aforementioned shoulder pads. Remove them from everything possible. Many of them are attached with velcro, and others are attached by only a few threads. Look for either no shoulder pads or ones attached like these when you’re shopping.

V-neck tops will break the visual line of the shoulders and make them look narrower; also, scoop-necks have the same effect. By the same token, avoid tops that emphasize the shoulder lines, like boat necks and halter tops.

An unstructured jacket will also suit you—and avoid very fitted suit jackets, since they tend to make shoulders look broader. You might try a double-breasted jacket, since that focuses attention on the front and waist rather than the shoulder line. And, avoid jackets, , with any kind of detailing at the shoulders. Finally, be careful with men’s style shirts—with your strong shoulder line, they can look more masculine than you might intend.

Look for bottoms that balance your shoulder line—fuller skirts, wide-legged pants, etc., will help create a balanced line (and help your waist look narrow).Enjoy your gift, and stand tall—being proud of yourself and the way you look is the most flattering look of all.

Best Regards, Zainab


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