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DRY, COARSE HAIR:Moisture Is The Key

The trick to softening coarse hair is lots of patience and the right products. Now, this does not mean you drench hair in oil; what you want to do is MOISTURIZE. And moisture is not oil.

The first thing you need to do is throw away your hair towels; more than anything else, your hair needs to be able to absorb that water. Choose the right shampoo: you need a conditioning or moisturizing shampoo that will leave hair silky. If you have difficulty finding a superior one, text 080.5618.0150 for information on how you can get one from us. After rinsing out shampoo thoroughly, apply Angel’s studio SCALP SERUM by sectioning systematically, ensuring that the whole head is covered.

Next apply Angel’s studio RINSE-OUT CONDITIONER treatment to hair; cover with strip of aluminum foil paper and shower cap. Sit under a hot dryer for 20minutes before rinsing out for at least 5continuous minutes.

Once all treatments are washed out, apply the FLAKE KONTROL scalp crème to the damp scalp; apply Angel’s studio LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER to the hair itself. Keep covered again under a shower cap and sit under a hot dryer for about 5 minutes. Remove cap and proceed with normal hairdressing. DO NOT use mousse or setting lotion to set your hair; use only wrap lotion to give that softness.


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