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Cornerstone Insurance introduces Health First

By Chioma Obinna
The responsibility for promoting and sustaining our health should be reflection of the basic relationship between ourselves, our families and the organisations we work for.” This was the submission of the Cornerstone Insurance’s Health/Wellness Consultant, Dr. Jack Mbom, at the maiden edition of its HealthFirst Initiative in Lagos.

In his lecture entitled, “Adding value to society by promoting healthy living,” he maintained that health is the most prized possession of man, a sinequa  non and without it man has nothing.

Querying how healthy is man today, Mbom who lamented that most people are living sedentary lifestyles noted that most people exist in a state of sub-health.

He said research shows that health of seven out of every 10 individuals is undoubtedly poor, regretting that the picture for Nigeria and other developing nations is certainly worse.

“For most people today, the realities of life are sitting at the office desk, meetings, sitting in the car in traffic, sitting at home watching TV or dinner tables amongst others as result most of them are riddled with fatigue, flu, obesity, high blood pressure stress, heart disease and muscular weakness while some comes down with all manners of sex dysfunction.”

Tracing most of the health problems to routine sedentary lifestyles, he pointed out that it is not the instant –happiness drug or quick – relief from drugs but more dynamic lifestyles, which incorporates a psychosomatic approach to a body maintenance.

Endorsing the Cornerstone HealthFirst programme” he said it is not an ordinary initiative but a philosophy of life and practice. He stressed the need to sustain a lifetime regular exercise appropriate to age and physical condition in order to improve our sense of well- being, our appearance, health and make for fullest possible enjoinment of living through the gradual increase of acquired capacity.

He recalled that every part of  the human body is living  requiring proper maintenance, for effective performance and durability unlike other piece of equipment and machinery which we only use for a while, we need and use our bodies for a lifetime.

Listing some of the health behaviours to promote health and increase the average length of life, he advised that a person should sleep for at least seven to eight hours a day, eat breakfast almost everyday, rarely eat between meals, maintain normal weight, not smoking, not drinking, or drink in moderation, get regular physical exercise.

Managing Director, Cornerstone Insurance, Mr. Dominic Ichaba said the philosophy behind the programme is on physical and financial well – being because “the decision we take every day, the we take actions affects our physical and financial well – being. So the idea is to create awareness and raise consciousness as well as help educate people to take right decision, do right things in order to be able to build up themselves to have the necessary physical and financial well being.”


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