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Affairs are ‘cool’ when the spouse benefits from them!

By Candida
RONKE is nobody’s wife. She has never been married and doesn’t want to get married. She always insisted that she wasn’t a wife material. She has her hands into several businesses including ordering items on her label abroad to be sold here in the country.

She lives next door to a young couple and her two kids eventually brought the two families together.“Actually, her kids are a little bit older than mine”, explained Jemilat who is Ronke’s neighbour. “But they are cute and well behaved.

Ronke is a caring mother and her children never want for anything. Naturally, my kids like the company of Ronke’s children because they have a lot of fun in their house. My husband and I aren’t so lucky, wealth-wise.” Anyway, as soon as I saw some of the things Ronke had to sell, I approached her that I would be interested in taking a few items to my office to see if I could get buyers and make some pin money.

She said she did mostly wholesale but agreed to give me bits and pieces.

You will be amazed at the type of money people have to buy what is usually termed ‘luxury’. Expensive plates, coolers, and mugs were snapped cash down when I offered them to colleagues on the same salary level as me.“I was making good money, more than my salary and happy with it. Last year, my first child was ten and we had a party for her – we could now afford to.

Ronke was her generous self and gave her a big expensive cake. I was really happy during the party. I went to the kitchen to get a few things and Taju my husband and Ronke were conversing in the corridor. Taju playfully tweaked her nipple through her dress and she laughed mischievously. I was shocked.

“I left the kitchen without taking the things I went in there to take, I was still shocked as I joined the party. They never even noticed me and my reaction was to challenge her but an inner voice called me to order when I saw the wonders in my daughter’s eyes as she looked at her cake. Then, I quickly reminded myself of all the good things we had enjoyed from Ronke.

So what if my husband was screwing her? It was little price to pay for all the good things she has done for us. She is a successful woman and nearing fifty. My husband is not even forty yet. Marriage for both of them is just out of the question.

He is so randy anyway that he needs another woman to satisfy him. He’s had a lot of casual flings, why not this one that will benefit all the family?”Desmond said he’s suspected all along that his wife was sleeping with her boss but didn’t have any proof until two years ago, when his wife insisted he put in a bid for a contract he wasn’t qualified for. “My wife was on the panel of the interviewers but only as a secretary”, he said.

“The contract was for the supply of six staff busses – all new with costs running into millions. Getting a good bank to finance such a project wouldn’t be a problem if we had the contract letter – but how easy would that be? Big firms and financially stable men were not only bidding, they were throwing around very juicy bribes to make sure they were favourably considered.“My bid was half-hearted and I nearly passed out when my wife brought the letter of contract and included was a certain percentage of the contract price as upfront payment.

I was jittery. I told my wife I didn’t pile on the contract fee to make allowance for the kick-back that was expected. She said I shouldn’t worry. That the chairman owed her a favour and he was paying back by being so nice to us. ‘I told him we were broke and this is his way of helping, she said.

So, what could I do? Throw up a tantrum and refuse the favour Mr. Chairman was returning? “Thanks to that leg-up the chairman gave us, we made a very impressiveprofit. I tried to find out what was going on but didn’t want to rock the boat.

The few contracts I’d had before then couldn’t feed a dog, let alone the family. Thanks to my wife’s job, our two kids didn’t suffer but my self-esteem had taken a dangerous slide. From the grapevine, I heard this chairman was a widower who was not keen on re-marrying. His kids were abroad and he could come and go as he pleased.

My wife did most of the shopping for his house and was always there to see to one repair or the other. Official duties on the face of it, but that gave them ample time to frolic to their heart’s content.The cat was finally let out of the bag the day my wife went to her boss’ house only to meet a rival she’d warned the chairman to send packing.

The woman couldn’t stand my wife either and decided to sit things out with her when she called. The rival was much younger and single – my wife was a married woman. But that didn’t stop her from threatening her rival as the rival casually went to the bedroom.

Heated argument eventually resulted to fisticuffs, the type that would give the Jerry Springer show a good run for its money! By the time her rival was through with her, my wife’s clothes were in shreds and lover boy didn’t take sides – he let them slug it out amongst themselves.

“My mobile pinged with a message that I should check my wife’s clothes when she came home and ask her what happened. I tried calling the number and was told it was a business centre, the sender of the message had left. When my wife came home, wearing different clothes from the one she left the house in, she told me she had to fire an incompetent staff who became violent.

It was much later that I got details of the fight from one of the accounts’ staff who I’m often nice to so I could get my cheques out in time.

“I haven’t asked my wife what is going up with her boss and I don’t intent to ask. The contracts still come in and I’m able to meet my financial obligations, I’m not exactly a saint and have been unfaithful for as long as I’d been married – even with married women!

So, if an influential man finds a mother-of-three attractive and hot enough to have an affair with, who am I to complain when it’s more than worth my while?!”


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