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Your Path To Success And Wealth (6)

By Patricia G Arawore

I was sincerely intrigued by the numerous responses I received from you my dear readers after the last edition. More  than a few people wrote to say that they were unable to decide what category they should belong- the Employee,  Self-Employed, Business Owner or Investor. In other words, they would like me to decide for them but I am afraid that  such a decision is strictly personal. I am also touched by the stories of some of them who left the university years  ago, and still cannot find their path.

For the above reasons, I have decided in this edition, to expatiate on such areas that will help you arrive at this  very crucial decision. My advice is that you should follow your preference. By that I mean what will bring you joy  and satisfaction. And you can be certain it will also bring you prosperity.

Pause for a minute, as I ask you this question. You may also need to write down your answer. What is your purpose in  life? Desire to achieve it with all your heart, and trust yourself that it is indeed possible to do so. For me, my  purpose in life is to leave my footprints in the sands of time, by using my talents, gifts, and resources to bring  about positive change within my own environment.  That is why the Hallmarks of Labour Foundation was born more than a  decade ago, to develop a positive attitude among Nigerians, especially the youth, by identifying Role Models who have  achieved success through hard work, honesty and integrity as example for the younger generation to follow. How well  have we done, you may want to know? With 28 impeccable Role Models, 6 published books, several publications, and now  the Hallmarks of Labour Foundation Annual Secondary School Scholarship Award, started in 2008 with 81 indigent  students benefitting in the first year alone, I can safely say that even though there is a lot more work to do, I am  well on the way to achieving my desire.

Remember that to achieve your purpose in life, you need discover what you truly love, and make that your pointer,  because your heart is your life force, from where your passion and inspiration begin-your true guide to the future.  So, what is your heart telling you? Listen attentively and trust what you hear. Identify your gifts. Where lies your  interest? Do you love music and can sing well? Are you good at cooking at cooking and enjoy making different dishes?  Do you enjoy taking photographs? Do you love decorating? Do you love gardening? Are you persuasive in selling? Are  you good in one sport or the other? Do you like writing? Are you fascinated by machines, or you are good with your  hands?

The answers to these questions will give you clues to your gifts and subsequently, to your path success. Take King  Sunny Ade for example. From a young age, he knew exactly what he wanted, and followed it his love for music with such  passion and a determination to succeed. Today, he is the undisputed king of Juju music. He has also been able to  sustain this momentum because he remained true to his passion. Many more example s can be used to drive home this  point. So, where lies your talents, your assets and your abilities, as doing what you are best at is a major  ingredient for your financial success. God ahs endowed each one of His creatures with his own unique talent. If in  doubt, take a look at the people around you-friends, relatives, co-workers, etc. Would you really say that there is  one who is not gifted in one thing or another? I believe that everybody has something unique to offer. Some are  willing to admit and make the best use of it, while others are too lazy to acknowledge it. Ask your family and close  friends what they think about you, and I am sure that they will be quick to point out the unique talents and  abilities they have seen you display from time to time. Embrace your talent with confidence, and try not to brush it  aside. Focus on it, and develop it to the best of your ability, and see where it take s you. For sure, every person  has his own requirements in order to thrive. You cannot succeed to your highest potential if you in circumstances  that are unfavourable to your specific needs.
In the next edition, we shall look more into those factors that will help you decide on which category you belong.

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