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What would life be without a pair of boobs?

With over 100,000 cases of cancer recorded every year, there is no denying that breast cancer is giving a lot of people especially women great cause for concern.

While some cases are nipped in the bud, for some others, its sometimes to late making it necessary for the boobs to be cut off. And the breast as we know is a vital organ on a woman, an organ with which she performs a God given role of nurturing and giving life to another soul. When it comes to dressing and looking good, the breasts gives the natural fit and curve that makes a woman really feminine. So in extreme cases where the breast has to be taken out in other to arrest the cancer, we asked some celebrities a crucial question. What would life be without a pair of boobs? This is what they said.

Mandy — Comedian

No be girl you go ask this question, na man o! Na men and children you go ask this question because those of us with the breast dont appreciate it as much as these other two people. There are men who cant do without breasts. They couldnt do without it as children, they cant do without it as mature men. Some of them sleep on it till dawn. I know a man when doctors were to cut off the wifes breast, he refused. He quarrelled, cursed the doctors and refused. So life without breast is life without a pillow. In the past, I used to worry that my boobs are too big until someone told me that a pair of boobs is worth $20,000 in the USA. Since then, I started appreciating my breasts. So for cancer to take away my $20,000, how e go be? So life without breast, I dont know how we are going to cope?


Amede Nzeribe — Fashion designer

Speaking from a woman’s point of view, life will be unbearable. It looks like a big part of you has been taken out because the breasts represent a lot. For a woman who is a mother to lose her breasts is just unbearable. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, and your breasts needed to be removed I know that somehow, God will give you strength and courage to do it because, we cant ask you to leave your breasts and lose your life.
Im happy efforts are being made to find a solution to this problem like cosmetic surgery for example. So that makes it not as bad as we think and for that we thank God.

Sunny Neji —  Musician

There will be no life without breast. That is the fountain of life. You give birth to a child, the child grows up feeding from the breasts. The breast milk is life to the child. If you discover, kids that grow without their mothers breast milk are not as intelligent and sharp as kids that are breast fed. So, the breast is everything and I think we need to get to the root cause of this breast cancer. We never used to have cases of cancer like we do now. Its so rampant. What is going on? It it in the diet? Is it in the water that we drink? I think we need to get to the bottom of this and really thrash it out because it is becoming a menace. And you know as a man, the breast is the centre of fun. So we need to get to the bottom of this.

Alariwo  — Musician

Life without breasts will be miserable. Breast is very important. My mum told me I sucked for two years and Im still sucking as an adult and without breast, its going to be annoying. But on a more serious note, it will be better for our wives, girlfriends, mothers and sisters to always do breast check.. If you have a problem, you’d know. It will be horrible to have a boob off, it wont be right and the lady involved will be feeling a lot of pain. It will be very sad. We don’t pray for it to happen to anybody. Its not our portion.

Kenny Saint Brown  — Musician

You go and get another breast. Go do plastic surgery. Let them get some skin from your thighs and create a pair for you. You shouldnt have one breast. You should have two. Its going to be embarrassing to undress before a man and all you have is one breast. Excuse me, go buy another one if it has not claimed your life because it claims life. So cut it off and go get another one and pretend like you are buying cosmetics or buying a new dress or new car. Buy a new boob.

Kate Henshaw-Nuttal —Actress

What would life be without breasts? There is no life because that is where the new born suckle from and that is the best food they could ever have to start off in life. So not having a breast will be terrible. Its unimaginable. Its like having no air to breath. Its bad. We are not talking about its role in helping clothes fit. Its about giving life to another being. Clothes are secondary. Breast cancer is real. Its not about a colour of a ribbon thing because on that day, everybody loves to wear pink but after that day what happens? Is there any more awareness? Is our country doing enough? Do we have screening centres? What are the things in place to help make it better for those that have and those that might fall victim to breast cancer because it can happen to anybody.


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