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UNDERSTANDING MAKE-UP …with Angel and Toni


You can make your lips into whatever you desire if you pay attention to little details.
For instance, you can make your thin lips look fuller by using a ‘plumping’ gloss; good brands cost as much as $20 or more.

If you suffer from perennially dry lips [dry, cracked/cracking or peeled/peeling lips], you can actually exfoliate your lips without spending a fortune. Using a toothbrush with soft bristles wet the brush and with a little soap applied to the lips; Use gentle strokes to brush lips and smooth them out. Rinse lips and dry; follow up with the application of a conditioning lip balm. Keep balm on bare lips for a while to soothe lips before using lipstick or gloss.

If your natural lip color is uneven, always utilize a ‘concealer’ to achieve a uniform color before anything else goes on the lips. Of course, concealer and foundation can be used on the lips to ensure your lipstick and gloss stays on all day. After applying foundation to your lips as you would on your face [only lightly though], apply lip color ONLY with a lip brush in a thin layer. Blot excess color with a single-ply tissue paper and then apply color again to the lips, still with a brush. Using fresh tissue placed on the lips, dust the tissue with white powder applied with a powder brush to set the color. Remove the tissue and then apply the final thin coat of lipstick. This is guaranteed to last you all day.

For sexy, plump and luscious lips, apply lip gloss to the centre of both your top and bottom lip ONLY, leaving the rest of your lips bare. Blot lips with tissue and you are ready to go.
[My friend Toni is a celebrity make-up artist who counts John Legend among her clients]


Yes, you can apply permanent color to your chemically relaxed hair provided you can spare the time effort and money to manage the application of 2 chemicals of ‘serious’ strength to our hair. You MAY have to sacrifice your hair on the long run.
The jury is still out on whether relaxed hair can withstand the harshness of another chemical such as an ammonia or peroxide-based product. Add to that the additional damage that hot irons may cause and of course styling damage from the impossible things we subject our hair to.

ALWAYS consult a professional if you desire to have permanent or semi-permanent color applied to your relaxed hair; it may not prevent eventual damage but at least, you’ll have someone to lay the blame on when breakage eventually comes;
AND, be rest assured, breakage will come! The only thing guaranteed with the application of 2 chemicals is breakage.

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