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Eye gels or creams are relatively new words to many ladies yet,  this innocuous wonder cream can keep you looking  young, even as you age. From the age of thirty, experts advise the use of eye gels, and as one edges towards  forties  and fifties, the formulation should change to more ingredient infused product. .If you are one of those not yet on  eye gel, below is a compilation of affordable and easily available eye gels or creams at what ever age you are.

In your 30 s

Start using an eye gel, serum or light cream every morning. After moisturizing face, dot the product under your eye   lids and near the outer corners.
Note: The skin around eyes is delicate, so gently blend using your ring finger – never rub!
Choose your eye creams wisely: Try anti-oxidant_rich products, like H2O+ Sea Results Eye Defense Fortifying Serum,  far right. Formulated with Vitamin A, it helps fight free radicals that age skin. Also try ones with jojoba oil (a  natural fatty acid) to moisturize skin.

Great Eyes... Genevieve Nnaji
Great Eyes... Genevieve Nnaji

In your 40 s

You need to be diligent about taking care of the skin around your eyes. Be sure your eye cream contains SPF 8 or more  to prevent photo-aging.
Skin gets drier as we age, so switch to cream formulas if you’ve been using gels or serums. Look for hyaluronic acid  – an ingredient that plays a vital role in cell hydration.

*Perfect at 40... Nikky Khiran
*Perfect at 40... Nikky Khiran

In your 50 s

Since the skin around the eyes is thinner and less firm than other areas, it shows age quicker. Try new creams  formulated to lift and tighten.
Brighten tired-looking eyes with creams that contain mica and optical diffusers. Layer over firming eye products, or  use alone if they claim to tighten too

*Good Defence.. Uduak Umondak
*Good Defence.. Uduak Umondak


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