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Expert solutions to your style problems By Zainab Ashadu

Dear Zainab,

Q: I have a chocolate satin evening gown with a v-shaped neck that i plan on wearing to a dinner party, I need advice on what jewelry and shoes i should pick for the dress. i was thinking maybe earrings only…what do you think? -Foluke

Dear Foluke,
A: Beautiful dangling earrings would be great . . . and you could do a long, matinee-length necklace that plunges below the neckline of the dress. If you want to go for trend, team black jet jewelry with the brown. It’s very sophisticated and elegant. Add a pretty shawl, maybe with a bit of sparkle. And have fun!


Dear Zainab
Q:I own a number of checked (dogtooth) and paisley jackets. Are they still in style for business?
Thank you. Betty

Dear Betty
A:It sounds like you are in luck, but the first thing you need to decide is if your jackets have a “dated” air about them. By that I mean, are the paisley patterns old and boring or do they still have a fresh face? Also, are the cuts and makes of the jackets still flattering to you? Paisley is truly immense  and dogtooth is a classic that comes and goes on runways but stands solid in the professional world. Sometimes we have to be careful because we
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Dear Zainab

Q:What style of dress should I wear to party- Joy

Dear Joy.
A:It really depends on what the party is that you are going to.
If it is something nice and posh then you could consider something like a slinky and smart cocktail dress. If however it is just with friends and around a house then you might not even need a dress but simply some decent jeans and a smart top -so really it depends on the occasion and also of course whether you are out to impress someone or not!


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