Make up for older women should serve two purposes. First it should add colour to faded skin. Second it should conceal minor flaws and wrinkles as much as possible. Having said this, it’s important to understand that make up for older women is not intended to layer the face in foundations and colours that attempt to make ladies look younger.

They are intended to bring out the natural mature beauty, which can make a woman look younger more as a by-product than as a goal. Women with mature skin are as beautiful as the dewy youth – just in a different way. Below, I have compiled tips for on makeup for older women.

•To start, the foundation for mature skin should be close to medium-weight. Mature skin has wrinkles and a heavy foundation can actually make the wrinkles look deeper. If you have mature skin, you should always err on the lighter or sheerer side of foundations. A sheer or medium-weight foundation will reflect light and cover up many blemishes. An oil-based foundation should be applied on top of a daytime moisturizer designed for mature skin.

•Sen Florence Ita-Giwa
•Sen Florence Ita-Giwa

•A rule of thumb for applying make up for older women is to not use too much. When make-up is too heavy, and doesn’t blend into your skin tone or highlight your best features, it can actually make you look older. We’ve all seen women who obviously think more make up is better, but that’s a fallacy when it comes to mature skin. Also, your eye shadow and brow colours should blend with your skin tone. The eye shadows used should be cream based, because they will moisturize while hiding flaws. The appearance of dark bags under the eyes can be minimized with a concealer which is one shade lighter than your foundation.

•Another tip for applying make up for older women includes using a very small amount of blush on the cheeks that creates a glowing, rather than a clownish, look. Also, make up for older women should include lipstick with moisturizer in the formula. Older women’s lips will dry out and need frequent moisturizing.
Careful selection and application of make up for older women can enhance any mature women’s beauty. Soft application and colour designed to highlight natural beauty, while downplaying signs of aging, usually results in melting the years away.

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