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Jeta Amata ‘I’m still a film maker’

By Benjamin NJOKU
The fear that young Jeta Amata has  abandoned film making for a lucrative job in the broadcasting industry has  been cleared as the celebrated film maker himself recently declared, “I’m still in the business of film making.”

Jeta, a few months back was reported to have abandoned film making for a juice job in the broadcasting industry when he joined a broadcasting company, Multimesh Group, pay-TV film based in Port-Harcourt, Rivers States, with branch in Abuja, as head of Entertainment outfit of the company.

Reacting to a recent  report that he has left film making for a career in broadcasting, Jeta confided in HVP that at present, he’s both a film maker and a content provider.

“There’s no much difference between movie making and broadcasting. If you make a film and it’s on screen then, it’s broadcasting. Right now, I’m both a film maker and content provider.”

According to the young film maker, a part of his life that has changed a bit is the fact that apart from creating content, he now has a responsible to look into provision of content for a broadcasting company.

The producer of the celebrated “Amazing Grace” movie, who ‘s currently based in Abuja said, before now, he has been busy, making feature films as well as creating a couple of TV series.

“That’s what I was interested in doing”, he asserted, adding, “I’m more interested in what I think should be shown to the world about us.”

Arguing that making films and becoming a content provider are two inseparable professions, Jeta, who belongs to the Amata dynasty that has entertainment running in its blood  said, “I make films and also I provide content. Am not going to stop being who I am. I’m not going to stop doing what I like doing best.”

Jeta disclosed that he’s currently working on a number of  projects, including “The Heritage Series”, which according to him, is a project that recaptures the history of Nigeria using the people who formed what we have today as Nigeria.

Also, “Queen Amina”is another project which Jeta is handling as well as “Omuremi” , “Magboro” and many other TV series.

He is one of the three generations of actors, directors and producers who have all played or are crucial roles in West Africa’s film and theatre industry and he’s an award winner in the industry.


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