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Holiday with Reality Vocation Innovations

A new  innovation is taking place in Nigeria, it is the packaging of holidays by Reality Vacation Innovations.
Located on Ligali Ayorinde , RVI is set to revolutionize the way Nigerians holiday.
Below are testimonies from some holiday makers.

David,  Elizabeth and Oreoluwa Oke

Our experience at Monetang Lodge is indescribable! The day we got there, we felt like going back to Lagos because nobody was there to welcome us aside the receptionist we met at the gate. But as we tried to locate our room (NYALA 5) through the direction given to us at the reception my spirit kept going down.

On entering into our room, we were rendered speechless!!! (I mean, you needed to be there to see how my lips in particular hung open!!!) Our countenance changed immediately, What we saw took our breath away; it superseded our expectations -  the sitting room, the kitchen, the patio, the children’s room and the master suite. The decorations and arrangements were splendidly superb!!!

We thought that was all until we got to the game room, met some of the lively staff and the real fun began.
The games room had lots of games and activities to offer. We participated in table tennis competition, Bingo game, Mini golf (put-put), the Lawn tennis. We also did bicycle racing. Can you imagine my little baby also rode in the car race machine?!

We enjoyed our stay tremendously. We went on the Game Drive, where we took photographs of the animals (the NYALA and NKUDU are the most popular animals in the Game). But in the Lodge, we have the most popular animal which is SARAH THE OSTRITCH. She visits us regularly.

We were at the lodge’s restaurant where we ate their special dish for the day which was fair. We browsed through the gifts shop and went to the kiosk for ice-cream. We could not swim because of cold weather which made the water very cold.

Outside the lodge, we visited Pretoria, Kolonate, Labour Union Building, Reserve Bank (the equivalent of our Central Bank), Pretoria Dam, The Caravan Park, and eventually to Johannesburg.

It was an unforgettable and enjoyable experience, Mercy. I want to thank you for getting accommodation for us at Monateng Lodge.
For once in our life, we know that the joining RVI is one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Ray Okoye & family on holiday at Grand View in Las Vagas

It is barely one year since we joined the R.V.I Business Club and I can describe our vacation experience with them as exciting.
Prior to being a member, we had to go through the hustle of hotel bookings which often turned out to be very expensive what with the limited choice of hotels at our disposal.

Mr and Mrs Okoye Relaxing
Mr and Mrs Okoye Relaxing

As a diamond member with RVI, your vacation hotel booking is as simple as picking your date and making your choice from a wide range of vacation resorts.

Last year, we travelled to Las Vegas for our vacation and it was a wonderful experience. Our choice of hotel was the Prestigious Grant View Hotel, a few minutes’ drive from the stripe.

It was a Four Star hotel with all the necessary facilities to make your vacation exciting! It was a home away from home. We will be in Las Vegas again!!! THANK YOU RVI.

Mr. & Mrs Ray-Okoye

On Holiday at Priory Marina, Bedford in London

This is Mr. & Mrs. Oluro saying hello. RVI did a holiday booking for us on the Priory Marina, Bedford about 70 Km from London on May 8, 2009 for one week. Attached are pictures of the boats, what they look like inside and outside.

I must say the experience was breath-taking. The boats are beautiful, neat, safe and secure. I must recommend this experience to others. With a fast train it’s 37 minutes away from central London.

Bedford town is beautiful and the people are very friendly. I have returned to London and will not be leaving for Lagos until another week. I sure thank RVI for this wonderful experience. We are proud to be a part of this wonderful club!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Olugbenga Oluro

Our trip to Hawaii

DAY 1 & 2: Thursday and Friday

We left our home to the International Airport in Nigeria in the evening to take our flight which was Lufthansa to Los Angeles. We left for Los Angeles at 10pm and got there at 11am Nigerian time. We waited there for about five hours and left for Honolulu through United Airlines. The flight was for about six hours or thereabout. From there we had to take another flight to Kauai which was for twenty minutes. We arrived at Lihue Airport and got a taxi which took us to our resort. The resort was Wyndham Vacation Resort. We had an apartment to ourselves which made us feel as if we were at home.

DAY 3 & 4: Saturday and Sunday

We unpacked our luggage and got settled. We stayed indoors throughout in order to get used to the weather and surroundings. It was fun though, looking at the beautiful and serene environment, enjoying the cool breeze and other things.

DAY 5: Monday

We went shopping today which was a great fun. We went to shop for foodstuffs at Foodland for our new house, clothes at Wal-Mart and other stores, electronic gadgets at AT&T. There were many interesting sights like the Kauai Waterfall which was so beautiful, the King Kong mountain (called the king kong mountain because of its looks), the Kauai beach and many more. We returned back home tired after the long and interesting day and went straight to bed.

DAY 6: Tuesday

We went for a Hawaiian festival called the Lu’au Kalamaku. It was an exciting day for us all because we saw a lot of things like people dancing with and licking fire and all sorts. The dance steps were gracious and lovely. There was drama too. After the show, we took photographs with the actors and actresses, singers, dancers and others.

DAY 9:

We left Hawaii. It was so painful leaving because we were already getting used to their culture, people, food, attire, environment and everything about them.

I would like to say a very big thank you to the RVI club for making our trip to hawaii a memorable one. Thank you and as for the resort, it was absolutely…wonderful.
Once again thank you.
Hajia Bola Muse.


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