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Women are more aware of their Health

By Morenike Taire

An in-house poll conducted at the Oceanview venue of the 2nd Women on Wellness seminar revealed modern, mostly educated Nigerian career women are more aware of their health than they were last year.

A quickie questionnaire administered during the event sought to find if women are following the basic codes of good living: eating at least 5 potions of fruits and vegetables each day, eating the last meal of the day before 8pm and exercising at least three times a week for thirty minutes each time. We also wanted to know why ALLURE is so special in the eyes of our followers, and what they would want us to do better. The results were fantastic.

The poll showed women attending the WOW seminar ranged in age from 18-70 years, though the vast majority was between 26 and 60 and were mostly married with children (68% married, 32% single). Women aged between 26 and 40 constituted more than 50% of respondents.
While the majority of our ladies say they exercise regularly (More than 80%) and a good 52% exercise for more than two hours a week, a significant number 18% does not exercise at all, and have no reason whatsoever for not doing so.

The majority that exercises would mostly like to exercise more but cannot for a variety of reasons, with almost 40% saying they have no time to do so, while almost 30% are too tired. The rest either do not have enough space or cannot afford personal trainers, though they admit they do not need trainers to keep fit.

A whopping 75% however admit to not eating their required 5 potions of fruits and vegs, and most do not because of time constraints (26%). Others who do not either cannot find fresh fruits or can’t keep up with the costs. About five% say they do not like fruits or vegetables, while a good 28% have other reasons for not doing their potions.

Things were even concerning the time respondents ate their last meals. One out of three ate their last meals before 9pm, while one out of four eat last meals before 7pm. Another one out of four say they eat their last meals at anytime, depending on the daily schedule, while less than 5% eat after 11pm.
This sounds good, until you consider only 8% eat the required 4-5 meals a day, as opposed to the 30% that eat the traditional 3 meals a day and 45% that eat only two times.

Mrs Kate Emiko during her session
Mrs Kate Emiko during her session

In general, trends showed participants of last year’s Women on Wellness event made better lifestyle choices and are healthier and happier for it. Respondents also said they liked ALLURE, the Sunday Vanguard Health and Lifestyle pullout because it is the “best for Health”.

A variety of other glowing words were also used to describe ALLURE, including “ all rounded, comprehensive, professional, variety”. Others include “large content, enlightening, beautiful looks, information for the family, style and uniqueness, outstanding, thought provoking, inspiring, educating, all-in-one, columns that touch on real life experiences, beauty inside out, detailed, balanced, down to earth and practical.

On the other hand, respondents will like to see more topics affecting women over 50. They will also like to see more interesting fashion, better access, more international stuff, more exercise, more locations for the WOW event, more writing, and better timing for WOW in accordance with school year and more COLOR!”


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