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Never Skip Breakfast!

By Kathy Emiko

“Thou shalt not skip breakfast”
Medically approved, well balanced diets  (including those designed to reduce weight) almost always laying down the rule that you should eat an adequate breakfast every morning. A good breakfast is an important part of a balanced diet. Everyone should eat breakfast; it is both an enjoyable and a healthy meal.

Yet there are many people today who find neither the time nor the inclination to eat breakfast, and who start the day on nothing more substantial than a cup of tea or coffee; while some think they’re saving calories, which is a big myth. While a calorie is indeed a calorie, your metabolism (the chemical process that converts food to energy) can increase or decrease depending on your eating pattern. Breakfast is one of the best ways to increase your metabolism. By skipping breakfast you are starving your body of valuable carbohydrates for energy and proteins that build the new you!
The dietician’s breakfast rule is based on sound sense from several aspects.

First there is the matter of digestion. The stomach’s part of the digestive process requires from four to six hours to cope with an average meal. It will probably not have completed it’s work of digesting the last meal of the day until a few hours after bed time. Once you get up in the morning, the sight, smell or even the thought of food will excite your stomach into secreting its digestive juices. One of these is hydrochloric acid, which is so strong that it could blister your skin, and regardless of whether you eat breakfast or not, this powerful juice continues to be produced. Whether you eat or not, the stomach will contract involuntarily every three to four hours and it is these contraction which cause uncomfortable ‘hunger pangs’. Although a cup of coffee offsets the sensation of hunger and may even bring relief from the stomach rumblings and hunger pangs, the effects last only for a very short time, after which hunger sets in again.

To you and your digestive system, the night’s rest is, in effect, a short fast; hence the word ‘breakfast’, which simply means breaking one’s fast. If the fast is not broken with a sensible, well-balanced meal, the stomach juices will continue to demand food on which to get to work. Contractions will continue and will produce that ‘aching void’ which plagues so many non-break fasters around eleven in the morning and which is sometimes accompanied by flatulence.
Eating early in the day, when you are rested and feeling fresh, gives your stomach the best possible chance of digesting food easily and completly. This means not only that the danger of indigestion is greatly reduced, but also helps the body to eliminate waste products in the nature’s way without the us of laxatives.

This is an important point, since most drugs used in ordinary laxatives act by irritating the sensitive membranes that line the intestines and this produces two very bad effects. First it seriously reduces the nutrient that is absorbed through the lining of the small intestine into the blood stream.
Secondly, it can inflame the lining of the large intestine, or colon, and disturb the normal chemical processes bringing abdominal distention, cramp and wind.
Another good reason for eating breakfast concerns the great number of people leading modern, highly pressurized lives. Their days begin, and usually also end, with a rush, and this inevitably brings nervous strain.

If you start the day without a comfortably lined stomach, you are imposing an unnecessary strain upon your nervous system and are making yourself needlessly tired, while there is still the best part of the day to get through.
Stomach ulcer is considered by most doctors to be directly linked with nervous and emotional stress. It is not an exaggeration to say that by eating a good breakfast, and thereby reducing stress, you are helping to protect yourself against stomach and duodenal ulcers.

If you are trying to reduce weight, there is a special reason for eating a good breakfast, not only do all the facts already started apply, but slimmer’s have a particular need to start the day with a well balanced meal.

Points To Note:

(1) People who eat breakfast tend to be better at keeping their weight in line.
(2) Your body needs a complete meal within 2 hours of waking-up to crank up your metabolism and help you eat less throughout the day.

(3) Don’t think for a minute that you are saving calories by skipping breakfast; these calories would be burned by the higher metabolic state that eating breakfast allows.
(4) By skipping breakfast you are starving your body of valuable carbohydrates for energy and proteins that build the new you!


White bread or white toast and butter or jam (or worse, pancakes and syrup) a plate of white rice and fried ripe plantain is a bad diet, so it is even an abomination to have it for breakfast i.e. anytime before 1pm. Meat pie, sausages, doughnuts and a bottle of fizzy drinks; these are poisons to the stomach; these breakfast throw some people into a glucose / insulin loop, and for those with weight issues, it is a time bomb; what about NOODLES? Hum! Same as eating 4 slices of white bread; it is no food anyway! Your body has hard time using sugar and carbohydrates you eat at breakfast than it does at other times of the day.

So it’s better you feed your morning hunger with a healthy high fiber, protein containing breakfast than a sugar special. Example of good breakfast (a) Quaker oats with skimmed milk and a hard boiled egg. (b) wheat bread sandwich – filler could be tuna, egg white or low fat spread. (c) A bowl of fruit cocktail (d) 2 apples or 2 bananas or a cup of smoothie (try this – pawpaw, watermelon and mango all wiped together in a blender; don’t forget to add natural yogurt and enjoy your drink); this keeps you full for hours.

Anyway, your type of food should depend on your job or activity level, the above breakfast is best for people with a sendatory lifestyle e.g. Bankers, executives NOT for a mechanic, truck bushier, builder etc.

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