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Jeans Picking the perfect fit

By Vivien WEHWEH

Jeans as we all know are a staple in of almost everybody=s wardrobe. A lot of us  live in jeans because of their comfort and versatility.  Despite our love for jeans, it is actually hardest piece of clothing to shop buy because the fit is crucial. Trends in jean just like in every other outfit will come and go; right now Askinny jeans@ is the trend right now.

For a lot of women are the hot silhouette of the moment, but truth is they hardly flatter most figures.  Experts say flared and boot cut jeans which is also in style is the best bet.  The extra width at the hem of jeans according to them accentuates a woman=s curves without drawing too much attention to the width of your hips.
jeansIf you have a bugle around the stomach know that low rise jeans will make it visible beneath your clothing, jeans with a high rise will emphasize the size of your stomach.
For people like you jeans that fall somewhere in the middle; right underneath the belly button is perfect because the waist band works like a control top. If you want the perfect fit then you have to find out your shape and experts say there are four different body shapes they include the pear shape, apple, boyish/athletic and the hourglass shapes. Below are tips on how the different body shapes can pick their jeans.

Pear Shape: Women who belong to this category have a narrow upper body with a heavier bottom and thighs. When buying jeans, make sure it=s in dark colours and choose patterns that widen towards the ankle area.

Apple Shape: In this case, women have a broader upper body with a narrow bottom. Here, women tend to put on more weight on the middle area. Your jeans should be slightly loose with less detailing. Avoid those heavy pockets, rather choose simple silhouettes.

Boyish/Athletic Shape: This shape refers to women with a narrow figure overall. Weight is
evenly distributed in such cases. This set of women are lucky  and can wear skinny fitting jeans

Hourglass Shape: A narrow waist with the upper and lower body in great proportion, this shape is the dream  many women. Fitted jeans are great for these shapely ones


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