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Hunger pangs

By Ifeoma Tete Mbuk

Hunger is a natural phenomenon. It is the way by which our body tells us that we lack energy and nutrients. We are also ignorant of the right amount of energy our body needs. The hunger experience is good as long as it spikes up the desire to have food in order to survive.

However, it is bad when we are unable to control what we eat.  Excess consumption of food results in weight gain. Controlling the pangs of hunger for food becomes even more challenging in the face of a variety of rich, enticing, and mouth watering food preparations at home and restaurants in town.

Hunger pangs trigger a procession of signals in the brain. When we are hungry, our body sends chemical messages one after the other to the brain. The messages carry information about blood glucose levels, food and fat deposits in our body. The brain analyses these messages and calculates the energy levels required by the body.

The inability to control hunger account for one of the core reasons why dieters fail on their weight loss plan. It is very important to learn the difference between true hunger and a psychological desire to eat. Once you are able to identify these feelings, you’ll need to learn to control your responses to them. Therefore, if you want to lose weight hunger pangs must be checked.

On the other hand, the people at the grass root level, I mean the people who are living below the poverty line are deprived of healthy, wealthy and hygienic life. Unlike dieters who want to control their hunger by eating in small portion sizes, this group of people do not have food to eat. They do not worry about the taste or richness of the food. Their primary need is to have a morsel of bread a day, to satisfy them and relieve the pangs of hunger. This group of individuals are ready to do any type of manual labour that can earn few leaves of money for them. Spacious living place or a healthy surrounding to live does not have importance with them.

Yet, commercial sex workers, by nature of their trade suffer a different type of hunger pang. These people earn their living by satisfying their hunger for sex.They have a different opinion about sexuality and sexual life.  They do not care about their health. At middle age, they encounter with both mental and health problems; their nerves begin to fail them and they struggle to come out of their problems.

Hunger for power also exists with the people who live below the poverty line or low income group. Money does not matter for them as they earn their money in whatever way they find suitable at that time; cheating, stealing, robbery. The hunger for power starts from bullying others who are less fortunate than themselves. These people do not get the opportunity to be at school and they also do not understand the importance of being literate. There is no hunger of knowledge or hunger for money. The people who live at grass root level are open minded and ready to help anyone who need help. There is humanity with them, they respect people. As their daily life has become a struggle, death is not a pain for them; rather they see death as freedom that can help them escape from troubles of worldly life.

As we commute to work every day, we see these unhidden problems of hunger starring us in the face. The consequences of inaction are predictable. You can do something. You can do a lot. You can start by donating through your local church, charities and orphanages. Your donations in form of cash, sponsorships, scholarships, food items, drugs, clothing, books, and toiletries will be thankfully received and used for the purposes for which they are meant. They will surely go a long way in putting smiles on faces and alleviating hunger pangs.
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