By Emma Okocha
At the Vanguard Kirikiri Canal Headquarters, enter Admiral, KKK Omoregie, the base commander,  General One leg Atamuna, the Second world war veteran and the Prince of Igalaland, Col. Naira Abubakar, the GSO …with Majors Olabisi Olakankita, the Adjutant, and 419 ObohUtueke all dressed in ceremonial mourning parade uniform.

There were tears in Major Olakankita’s eyes when he suddenly opened up without the tradition of addressing the Parade

Major Olabisi Olakankita: (now uncontrollably crying and shedding more tears) In the name of the Yoruba supreme deity, Sango, the god of iron, I announce the death of the last Nigerian revolutionary.

Field Marshall, Gani Bolekaja Fawehinmi was the General of the Peoples Army, the masses most trusted field commander. For all his 70 years here, he sacrificed his family, his health, etc and elected to remain in the trenches taking the bullets in defence of the downtrodden Nigerian masses.

In the course of carrying the peoples cross, the learned General, has been detained, incarcerated, and in many instances beaten up as the authorities moved him from the one Nigerian Siberia to another.
General Atamuna: Major! Will you put yourself together! This is the army, and you must remember that there is no volunteering in the army. And therefore there is no place for tears or crying!!

Major  419 Utueke: This is not General DinaDiya’s army. Where a three-star General cannot control his emotions.

Admiral KKK Omoregie: (Removing his cap in respect) The Field Marshal of the Peoples army died in the field of action. Fighting all the way to end. Even though he was not captured alive by the enemy, his death at his time signals the end of an era.

Major 419 Utueke: I’m yet to understand the Bolokeja Attorney and his brand of revolution. Way back in the days of the locusts, me and my 419 people reached an understanding; to provide everything that government failed to give the people. We moved money and resources we innocently made from foreign wasps who were coming to Nigeria to wreck our economy, to build churches, markets, roads, hospitals, schools for the masses.

The alliance with this Bolekaja Attorney was indeed what the people prayed for. Suddenly, without any provocations from my men, the Peoples SAM as it is his penchant, drove to the nearest court and started filing up thousands of charges against the 419 confraternity.

He did not stop there. He carried in one Delta line bus, all the legal documents and documented authorities as he led the prosecution against our dear friend, the Ogidigbi!!  [and climbing up the Parade dais of the Vanguard Canal Parade grounds, Major 419 ObohUtueke in a jiffy tore open the folded ends of the December 19, 2005 TELL magazine Special Report on ‘’Alamieyeseigha is a Common Criminal’’.]

He was the Bolekeja lawyer who told the Tell that ‘’the former Bayelsa Governor was a common criminal” and for coveting for himself the coffers of the young state, my friend recommended impeachment for our friend the Governor.

He went further to suggest that the dreaded EFCC should shackle his feet and hands to prevent the Governor, from employing what the Yorubas call ‘’egbe’’,  that is the magical means of disappearance.  What type of revolutionary was this man? He drove the 419 kingpins from the corridors of power and still armed with only his wigs and pieces of legal papers attempted to wipe out corruption from the land.

We really wanted to work with him but this man was like the bee, he preferred to sting at anything near him.
General Atamuna:  You cannot understand him. He was like Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu who was misunderstood in life and in death. Nzeogwu like Gani had no intimate friends. While Kaduna’s best friends and inspiration, were his Hausa Talakawa cook and driver, he had moved that nite and was to sacrifice his own life for the revolution that was totally for the masses.

His Jan. 15th revolution was primarily to stop the bloodbath in the west and arrest the feudal thrust to enslave the masses in the north. Like Gani, there was nothing he wanted for himself, or for his so called own tribe, he was to hand over everything to a prisoner who he thought had the gifts to restore Nigeria to his dreams. His destination was South Africa, where he had preferred to die in the battle field for the emancipation of the Black peoples.

This is a sad day. Another inveterate fighter, the Senior Advocate of the Masses renowned for his risky advocacy against corrupt and insidious government is gone.

Admiral KKK Omoregie: (reaching for the GOC in a special coded message) GOC, your mother is dead! The last mother of the Nigerian Revolution is dead. The last of the true prophets has joined his ancestors.
GOC: I’m sorry Admiral.

The Field Marshal was a fine officer. You must declare a week of mourning in memory of the fallen officer. The mother of our revolution is gone and with his burial, the casualties are overwhelming and at this juncture I sound the retreat.

Before the Field Marshal, there was Prof Awojobi, Aminu Kano a former minister, who died with only two pennies in his pocket, Fela and Dr. Kuti, Ubani, wa Aba,and now the last of the Mohicans.

A good General knows when to retreat and fight another day. The landscape is full with pretenders and fifth columnists. A revolution that continues to sacrifice its standard bearers without much results should blame its environment or fold up and accept the consequences.

While the act is not a tea party, there is something wrong in a polity that continues to sacrifice their best while the anti-Christ on the hand, is full of jubilation and waxing stronger. Admiral  bury the General with full military honors and fall out!

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