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By Zainab Ashad

Dear Zainab,
What should I be stocking up on so that I’m up-to-date with this season’s fashion trends?
It’s all about glistening gold. And killer heels.  Everywhere you look, you can tell that chunky gold or high end costume  jewelry is making its comeback.

A couple of years ago you couldnt find a gold piece of anything –it was all about platinum and white gold. But now, it seems like a lot of people are wearing an even mix of both yellow and white golds. And after a few years of regular six inches heels, designers taking us on an arty ride, with sculptured killer heels.  You’ve seen the trend on celebrities pairing shorts and dresses with the wild sculptured  shoes and they look fantastic.

They have all kinds of details, and they come in an array of heel heights , the higher the better. And ,they’re hot-hot-hot this season. So, to answer your question, bring out your gold tone jewels or chunky jewelry and get a pair (or two or three) of fabulous sculptured shoes and you’ll be staying with the trends.
Funmi, Lagos

Dear Zainab,
I like to wear black, because I believe it is more slimming. I have a pair of black trousers and several black blouses , but it seems my trousers are a shade lighter than all of my shirts. Is this okay to wear or do the blacks need to be the same shade?
Thanks, Lisa, Abuja

Dear Lisa,
Black is a very hard colour to match. It seems that everything black in my closet is a slightly different colour. What I like to do is put the whole outfit on and go to a window or outside for direct sunlight and look at how the two pieces compare.

There are definitely some times when you can get by with two colours of black, like when the fabrics are the same, or when they are absolutely  different shades of black and they match or contrast well. However, most times slightly different shades of black are not going to allow your to look your very best. However, a black suit, let’s say, would be perfectly elegant .


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