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Wide jaw-line + square face

By Angella Olu-Ajetumobi
The shape of one’s hair does alter the shape of one’s face. We look our best when we emphasize our good features and minimize the not-so-good ones. Of all the 5 main points to be taken into consideration in designing a style, facial structure is perhaps the most important.

Kenyan Moore
Kenyan Moore

Your hair stylist should and must be able to recognize that there are various facial shapes, before being able to identify your type. Whatever hair style one chooses to wear must be perfect for one’s facial structure. If a stylist is unaware of the various shapes, you will always end up with the same hair styles that everyone wears but does nothing for YOU aesthetically.

Generally, it is accepted that the most perfect shape of face in the world of beauty is the OVAL shape. Women with an oval facial shape are adjudged to be the most beautiful in the world. Hence, all hair and make-up stylists aim to replicate that oval shape no matter the shape of face they are confronted with. This can be achieved through cleverly combining hair style and contouring make-up. The aim is to create the illusion of an oval shape from the shape the client presents with. This means that if you have a long face for instance, you can avoid that long-face effect by creating width at the sides using soft waves or curls. Fringes can also be employed to shorten the effect of an over-long face.

Today let us focus on all those who have written in seeking other suitable styles for those with wide jaw-line and square face. It is common to wear a side fringe with this type of face shape but you can actually vary the style.

The first thing to clarify is that you should not have your hair piled high on to the top of your head with no hair coming down the sides. Short back and sides actually emphasize the square ness of the face, calling more attention to the heavy jaw.

You need to consider softening the profile by reducing the angular jaw line. So if you have been wearing wavy styles a lot [like my reader from Lekki], then you are on the right track. Your aim is to cover the jaw line as much as possible or totally if you can. This automatically softens the face shape. Also creating fullness at the temples and around the cheekbones, will give an illusion of roundness to the face. Try bobs that cover the ears as a sure way to hide the jaw.

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