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By Zainab Ashadu

Dear Zainab,

I love wearing trendy things but I am never able to wear them comfortably. I have a very womanly shape with a small waist, big hips and chest. I would love to be able to wear skinny jeans and a nice blouse, for example. Could you give me some advice please?
Thanks Adrianna

Dear Adrianna,

I will be  blunt; it’s highly unlikely that you will look your best in skinny jeans. From the sounds of things you have a classic hourglass figure. In fact depending on your size (hourglasses can be slim as well as full figured), you may not be able to get trousers that fit you properly due to your waist/hip ratio.

My advice to you would be to implement trends with accessories and colour, if something that suits your shape is in fashion then celebrate it and revel in it otherwise, don’t allow trends to dictate what you wear.
Your shape looks great in fitted shapes so it is quite hard for you to do the casual look like jeans and a loose top without looking frumpy and bigger than you are.

Moreso, shoes with at least a little heel are more flattering than flats for you.
For a casual look, team an A Line flared skirt with a fitted V neck or scoop neck t-shirt. Make sure the skirt sits on your waist and not your hips. Add some low wedge heels and accessories but be careful, your jewelry musn’t be overpowering. Simplicity is best as you already have a lot going on with those killer curves.

If you want to wear jeans, they definitely shouldn’t be skinny. Skinny Jeans will only accentuate your full thighs and create an imbalance in your shape. To balance out your full breasts you would do well with high waisted boxy-legged jeans that will accentuate your little (in proportion to your hips) waist and elongate your legs. Team with a nice fitted shirt or t-shirt over the high waist. If you are blessed with a flat tummy, then you can tuck in as is currently on trend. If you do wear a belt, make sure it’s the same colour as the jeans or at least dark. This is so that you don’t ‘cut’ your body in half with another colour around our middle.
Hope this helps!

Zainab J.


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