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By Owei Lakemfa
I READ your write up on the  humiliation of  Goodluck  and  Onosode. I want to know why incessant strikes are the only solution to the myriad of problems facing our universities. Why can’t ASUU follow the path of dialogue and diplomacy and call off the strike while the negotiations continue? I believe in the sincerity of the Yar’Adua  government in finding a lasting solution to the ASUU- FG face off.

Ubanwa, Dept Of Geography, UNN. 08030784170.

I wish your write up of August 19, 2009 on Goodluck Jonathan and Gamaliel Onosode was the headline of the Vanguard. It was complete. Keep it up.

Thanks my brother. I read  your article on the humiliation of Goodluck Jonathan and Onosode and I think you got it right.
Allens  Iheonu. 08066197144

Thanks very much  for your write-up on Goodluck and Onosode on ASUU. It is an undiluted truth. We already know that our employer has no intergrity because he does not keep promises.
Chinwe – Makurdi. 08065641445

Thanks for your insightful article on the ASUU- FG saga. But you did not proffer any solution to this embarrassing situation. Please conclude your insightful article.
Regent Youmor. 08054236909.

The solution is either for the Federal Government to return to the negotiation table, conclude and sign the agreement  with ASUU or abolish negotiations. – Owei

Please help us to beg the Yar’Adua government to sign and implement the negotiations with ASUU so that we can go back to school.

We have not written our first semester exams and we are in the eight month! What is education turning into in Nigeria? Thanks and God bless you.

Thanks for your wonderful piece: “Dialogue as Casualty” on the ASUU strike. God bless you.
E. J. Egwuyenga ( PhD) DELSU, Abraka.

I read your article, “ Dialogue as Casualty” and wish to commend you for your forthrightness. People  like you are the conscience of the nation. Keep up the good work.
Goddy Okaname. Lecturer, Dept of Philosophy, UNIABUJA

Boko Haram
I read your article on Boko Haram. You claimed that the actions of the security services were rash.  If you were in their shoes what would you have done? Wait for them to surrender? How many innocent policemen  and civilians were killed, how many churches were burnt before action was taken against the Boko Haram?

Would they have stopped if  asked to give up? You are so concerned about the rights of the rebels, what about those of their victims? In your so called legal system and since demoracy was restored, how many robbers or murderers were executed ?

Thank you for sharing my
pains about our security forces. It’s a shame! Their reactions to Niger Delta and Boko Haram crises amount to a case of  killing an ant with a sledge hammar!

Your piece was quite interesting but why worry? Have you forgotten the country you belong to? Recently they killed a militant leader Ken Neweigha  and said it was during a shoot out. The Police Commissioner at a press briefing said they were going for arms recovery at 1a.m. when they were ambushed.

Can you beat that time? Is that at that unholy hour you can go for arms recovery? Everybody denied Ken, maybe we should just clap for them. The only lesson from all these is for our youths to steer clear of patronage by the elites.
E G Amazie . 08038674046

The nation
Thank you for your article on “ The Nation, Profligates and their Surrogates”. It highlighted some of the reasons real development will remain in the realm of vision in our country. I always agonise, thinking about most of the money being frivolously wasted at all levels of our national life.

If only these states and some of the clowns holding political appointments contribute something from their sweat to the national purse, one may begin to rationalise their profligacy. But of course, oil money is seen as free money. We are sowing seeds that we are already beginning to reap the unpleasant fruits. May we know that it is time to change course before we end up where it will be too late.
AVM M. A Johnson (rtd)

Thank you for your piece on “The Nation,  Profligates and their Surrogates”. It was well written. No one can fault the points raised there. Once more, thank you!

Are you still interested in this damned country? Let’s not pretend. I am looking forward to the Republic of Niger Delta. And God usually answers my prayers.
F. Martins.  08023328850

Truly the people do not represent us. The better ones are never allowed to contest elections. It is a problem in this country. Legislation is business. When those with good intentions for the country are  few in the various Houses of Assembly, what do you think will happen? If the beautiful ones are not yet born, who will give birth to them?

Friday Ebikemefa Denghan. 08038739060

The few politicians and their bloated aides in government collect a sizable chunk of our common wealth as pay, excluding what is stolen; all for ruining and disgracing us. But when real workers ask for existence (not living pay ) they complain that we are holding them to ransom. When will we stop chasing shadows?

Harrison. O8033211219

Your articles ended up hollow. Are we not being enslaved here? What was your take on Ibn  N’allah’s comments on the Niger Delta militants? Let us say how it is, we are being enslaved here in the South.


‘Socrates Lakemfa’ I call you this name because in a country that celebrates money over mind,  cash over character, a disciplined mind like yours  is rare . We’ll continue to be underdeveloped as long as imbeciles are holding the levellers  of power.


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