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I have a feeling that once we leave here today, we won’t have any more sad moments — Chief (Mrs). Abimbola Fashola

(Being text of her brief speech at WOW1 which held at Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos between 21st and 22nd June, 2008)

I would say that I am delighted that I waited for this session we have just had. I know we would always learn one thing or two from any seminar and no knowledge is lost. I like to learn and get informed so that I can talk to other people about one or two things that I have learned.

The First Lady, Mrs Abimbola Fashola
The First Lady, Mrs Abimbola Fashola

On the issue of feeling good about ourselves, I have a feeling that once we leave here today, we won’t have any sad moments anymore. Patricia Omoiqui has told us that we should not even have any dull moments at all in life; we should always give ourselves a positive push. And that if you think good about yourself, you feel good about yourself and no matter what the obstacle or trial may be, you would overcome because, you have a positive image of yourself and you are already thinking “I am already there”.

You dream big and work towards achieving your dreams.  When Patricia  told us to write down thoughts we often have about ourselves and our fears, I had to tell my big Mum who  was sitting by me that I actually don’t think I have any fears. Really, I don’t worry myself about anything. I always take the day as it comes. For instance, I have had a very exhausting week. This week, we had a five-day free eye camp at Epe, which should end today. I’ve had calls, that “Oh, some people can’t have their eye test… The consultants didn’t come… We have the First Lady of Nigeria coming in…”

The President’s wife came in on the 18th. I said to myself, once it’s Monday, that is the end of that week. I have taken it as it comes; whatever happens on Monday will happen throughout the week. If Monday is successful, the week will be successful. If Monday is a bit rough, the week will be rough, but I don’t care. God will take control.

I think that that is one thing with Nigerian women; we have a way of consoling ourselves. So, even when we see a problem, we say “God, just take control.” We have a way of pushing things aside. So, I find it very difficult to understand when you say a woman is down because of a problem. It’s because she wants to put herself down; it’s not that problem. She just wants to feel bad about herself.

About healthy living, I think the way you have attacked it is very beautiful. You have not told us to diet; you have not told us starve ourselves and you have not said exercise every minute.
The way you have approached  it is wonderful because, I must confess, I don’t exercise and I don’t belong to the league of those who diet as well. But, I know I love to walk. I love walking around. I’d rather get out of the car when there is a traffic jam and walk down to the State House and people would say “You can’t do it”. And, I ask them, “Who says so? Show me where it written that I can’t walk down from MUSON Centre to Marina.”

I love to dance as well. I dance with my children.

That is a form of exercise for me, but you’ll never find me go to the gym. All the same thank you very much; I really do appreciate all you have said.
I have to start looking at the healthy eating aspect because I love my Coke. I don’t say “No” to Coke. We, the Committee of Wives of Lagos State Officials, usually hold a conference in October and we were thinking of having something of this nature.

I would have loved to wait (for the other session) and come back tomorrow as well but I am so sorry; I will not be able to. But, I really appreciate yours.

While I was talking to the ladies, I said “Don’t you think we should have her [referring to Princess Kate Emiko , who writes Body Perfect ] to come and tell us not to combine eba and rice because, we have some people who just love to do that and the more we get to hear about it, the better. We should never get tired of teaching ourselves.

What is killing women, these days, is that we never take care of ourselves. We prefer to cure than to prevent and I think it is high time we start to prevent by taking good care of ourselves. Telling ourselves the truth is right so thank you very much.
I wish you all the best in all the other sessions.


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