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Going East with Saris

By Jemi Ekunkunbor

The Indian Sari fabric is the traditional dress of women in India. With its soft and delicate texture, it is the most graceful fabric and when draped properly, it can add charm to the beauty of the lady. A sari consists of a single length of cotton or silk, 5 to 7 yards long, most often with one end wrapped around the waist to form a skirt, the other draped over the shoulder, or head. It is worn over a short, tight top (Choli) with short sleeves. It is quite comfortable and gives a gorgeous look.

As a party wear with the most intricate designs, Nigerian women who love to prove their party worth, over time have shown that they are not afraid to embrace new cultures. The East especially India is beginning to beckon. And trust us, even with new ideas, we do not fall short of expectation.

Saris come up in multiple shades and in a variety of fabrics.  Major fabrics used are cotton, crepe, georgette, silk, and chiffon. Cotton sari is light in weight and cool to wear. It is easily washable and no hassles in ironing. Chiffon Saris are a symbol of elegance and firmness. It is a very fine fabric usually in nylon and silk. Silk Sari has a glamour element attached to it.
So next time you want to make an entrance or stand out from the crowd, drape a Sari and get all the attention

Linda Ekeji...Silk Sari has a glamour element attached to it.
Linda Ekeji...Silk Sari has a glamour element attached to it.


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