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Colour, Morocco, Clinton and politics

By  Owei Lakemfa
Thank you for your piece  “The Colour  Of My Skin”. I am not happy with the way the Nigerian government is being pushed around in the African Union (AU). It seems our officials just go there and look like fools.

Yet we call ourselves the ‘Giant of Africa’. As for  al-Bashir ( the President of Sudan) they will surely get him. Thank God countries like Uganda, Chad and Botswana are speaking up where the “giant” cannot speak.
— Mieye Ozomoru. Bayesa State. 07032272120

The colour of my skin is no mistake by God. I tell you it is the best because it does not stink. Please tell your colleague Donu (Kogbara) that I share her views. Nigerian governments are talent killers. Just look at the sports, art and education sectors. Thanks.
— 08036741110

Black people are imposing themselves on white folks. They are not sufficiently “black and proud”.
— 08059259276.

Among our heroes I agree with you at least on Mandela. Believing in the International Court of justice (ICJ), the World Health Organisation (WHO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the international community betrays your own intellectual (deliberate?) naivety.  The African Union (AU) has displayed guts by going against the  decision of the gods among men. If indeed your write-up is your sincere conviction on situation on the ground, then brother, study more.
— 07030238103

I just read your article on Hilary Clinton’s visit to Nigeria. Keep up the good work. You are one of the few  non-partisan and credible writers in the country.
— 08033934702

Just as Jesus Christ said: You have to take out the motes in your eyes first before taking out the motes of others. Hillary cannot run away from the facts that most of our corrupt officials find save haven in their banks with this country’s capital flights. She failed to address this issue candidly. She spoke the truth, but is she ready to admit that the Western world played a vital role? Not until she admits to these complex issues, can she be taken seriously. Just of recent, the Swiss UBS bank agreed to release the names of 5,000 US citizens that retained illicit accounts with that bank. Why can’t that happen to us here in Nigeria? What Hillary was saying is, don’t you worry about your money winding up in our hands, just swallow my fake epistle.
— Kaye Koiki

Morocco and Sahara
Dear Owei Lakemfa, do you even see the irony (and contradictions) in your story? The colonialists divided the North African territory with no respect for the local history, culture, language, religion, etc. You must agree with the colonisers, because now you are providing legitimacy to it by wanting the borders between people to be those imposed by the colonisers. You start your story with “Morocco is an ancient civilisation with an existing 17th Century monarchy”. Then you come to the conclusion that today’s borders should be decided according to 1934 invasions! Apparently you have never visited or even learned enough about Morocco as a country. Morocco was unified under a southern dynasty (even before those still in power today). Yes, the Sahrawis unified the north with what they considered to be the main land (today’s Western Sahara).

There has always been a Morocco that included northern and southern territories. Only after the colonisers invaded the north African land that the wild segmentation started. And armchair activists (like Owei Lakemfa) are trying to rewrite history and make the territorial segmentation imposed on people by the colonisers permanent. Now that is the past, and let’s look ahead towards the future.

In a fast-paced world, where countries are looking for opportunities to take down borders, increase trade, enhance cultural bonds and improve people’s lives by allowing free exchange of ideas and investment opportunities, people like  Polisario, Algerian military power, and even Owei Lakemfa are advocating for splitting people based on geographies; they are obviously not unconcerned about people’s well being, they are instead concerned with their own self-image and profit.

Division never wins! I sure hope that Africans as a people will someday rid themselves of this type of mentality, stop the infighting and look at the future in a way that is unifying and benefiting to the entire people and not just a few.
— Concerned African. California, USA

You are right on the Sahrawi people. Their independence is long overdue. They are unfairly being held down by conflicting international political interests which gluttonous Morocco as the power on the ground should be blamed for.
— 08062678308

Zelaya’s Cross
On Zelaya’s cross, why should he disobey the Supreme Court, his patriotic zeal not withstanding? He shouldn’t have disobeyed the court in the first place. Why should you show sympathy to a man who disregarded the authority of the highest court of the Honduras ?
— Mr Uche. 08037268259

Zelaya is surely not better than Obasanjo. Please try to be consistent. Your views matter a lot, they must not be influenced by personal dislikes like your hatred for Obasanjo.
— Charlie. 08080439236

Thank you for your clear exposition on the Honduran crisis.
— K. Daniel. 08032454306

Thank you for clear thinking. God promised Abraham that his children will inherit the land. Don’t blame Israel.
— 08063610025

Thanks for your piece on Israel and its leaders. They may have deceived some but have not deceived everybody. Long live the truth! God bless you Mr Lakemfa.
— 08068359080

Togo and Nigeria
Owei, I thank God for your life and  your article “Between Togo and Nigeria”. I can really see a difference. Pardon my distance from any of our senators. I really don’t know them though they exist. May I suggest that this article be sent to the two legislative houses. It is possible that none of them will note this big issue ( of capital punishment) if left on the pages of newspapers because that is not what interests them.
Adebayo Olabode. 08023297674


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