By Emma Okocha
Inside the Vanguard Kiri Canal Base Command……
Major Olabisi Olakankita is frantically trying to reach Admiral K.K.Omoregie who was summoned for an emergency operational meeting by the Naval Command following the Armageddon wrought on Atlas Clove by the guerrilla units of the Niger Delta Brigade.

Olakankita did not have to wait for a long time to connect with his Base Commander…for the Naval Command Operational Meeting was at that moment interrupted by an emergency brief from the M I ….Every Commander scurried to reach his fighting Units

Admiral K K Omoregie: [Keeping his cool] Major, This is the Base Commander of the VKC Regiment…. Over, What’s the Sitrep?
Major Olakankita: Sir, We have an Emergency! The Talibans are coming! Over.

Admiral K K Omoregie: Taliban extreme and hostile activities confirmed in a couple Northern states. Over.
General One Leg Atamuna: [The Prince from Igala, interrupting] Admiral, as the most decorated soldier and in fact, the most senior officer presently on parade, I see nothing but a conspiracy theory……

How can the whole of Atlas Clove be on fire and some nuts that call themselves Nigerian Talibans suddenly emerge at the same time from nowhere, to challenge the feudal repressive order which, for many years have overburdened the Nigeria promise and given scorpions for dinner to its poor, forlorn masses. Has the long expected Nigerian Revolution started?

Col Naira Abubakar: General, you are an old soldier. You have not gone on any modern exercise ….have you been on any Peace Intervention Force where you are sent to Afghanistan, Somali or even Sudan? You might have fought the tough Japanese, the very organized and able Germans, but when you encounter the Talibans, you will not like the day you joined the Army.

These people drink the blood of unbelievers and when there is no food they eat their bullets. Danbru baka Taliban! May Allah wipe them out from this country.

Major 419 Oboh Utueke: I have seriously foraged the internet, I have read everything about these Talibans and I’m at sea to report that I do not see what they stand for.

When they fought Alexander the Great to a standstill, their demands were never known. When they stopped Julius Caesar the great Roman General, historians never chronicled any demands coming from their side; until they organized the other poor peoples of the world, the Gladiators, the Vandals and the Barbarians and turned the offensive back against Rome, clubbing the great empire into ruins.

They have survived the vindictive racism of the Sun Empires of Japan, the Chinese Red emasculation, cultural expansionism. They dealt with the Russian bear and taught her a lesson of a lifetime, which in the end, led to the demise of the Supreme Soviet.

If in the end, the great American dream becomes a nightmare, history will give it to the war loving, bullet eating peoples of the Himalayas; as the single most formidable factor, that eventually brought the USA down.Like the Yoruba love Amala and ewedu, my people Akpu na egusi, and the mallams love their Tuo shikanfe ..these people cannot live without war.

More than the dreaded French Legion with the logo of, ‘’Long Live War,’’ the Taliban life style, its history and tradition is rather a garrulous tapestry of war. Without war they would die.

Major Olakankita Olajide: Admiral, the Talibans are coming…the Atlas Clove is reduced to ashes , Sir, whether the VKCR?

Admiral K K Omoregie: Major, put the officers and men of the Vanguard Kirikiri Canal Regiment on Red Alert and await further Orders. You Fall Out, Major!!

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