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10 Sexy pieces every woman needs in her wardrobe

If you have these basics in your closet, you’ll always be stylish.

Sexy panties. Lacy, leopard print, G-string. You name it. They can even be cheap, as long as they make you feel naughty under even the most conservative attire. They’re an instant confidence booster..

A pair of black, closed-toe, two- to three-inch heels. They go with anything, even jeans. And the heel height won’t leave your feet  mutilated if you are  on your feet all day. Look for leather, which will stretch and breathe the most
and be the most comfortable,
as opposed to other

A great evening bag.         A simple black satin         clutch or a gold or
silver beaded one goes with everything and adds instant glamour to even the most mundane black suit
Or dress.

An A-line skirt. Universally figure-flattering. If you are voluptuous, keep the length longer. If you have great legs, look for a mini. The colour and fabric don’t matter either — as long as you love it.

A pair of slimming, dark denim jeans. The cut and the waist don’t matter. As long as the wash is a deep midnight blue and they fit you like a glove.

A great bra that really fits. When you go shopping,  try one on and look at yourself from all angles, and make sure it does what it’s supposed to do: lift, separate, support, and minimize or maximize.

Pauline ... An Elegant LBD
Pauline ... An Elegant LBD

A pair of diamond stud earrings (real or faux). Every girl feels like a princess in these, and they add instant glamour, even to a any outfit.

A great everyday bag. One that is made well, in a good material with nice hardware. It should be big enough to carry all your essentials yet shouldn’t be so big that people mistake it for luggage. Again, price is not important here: you don’t have to break the bank on the latest Marc Jacobs. Just look for a style that suits you, be it a satchel, sling or backpack.

A little black dress. The style — strapless, cap-sleeved, long-sleeve — is completely up to you. But simple and elegant is key; no froufrou touches or flashy details. You can always dress it up with accessories.

A V-neck tank top. A little loose, and a little plunging. Choose a colour that flatters your complexion , vibrant red or ultra slimming navy or black are usually best.


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