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Walking in dominion (VI)

By Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

Solomon the preacher teaching against this kind of carnal inclinations says: ?My son, if sinners entice thee consent thou not? (Prov. 1:10).

The only way out of this spiritual flaw is hiding God’s word in your heart. Don’t join the Joneses! If you are keeping malice, quarrelling, jealous, envious and yet you are quoting the Bible, is a sign that the word is in your head only. Do you know that stuffing one’s head with Bible quotes without hiding them in your heart is part of the reason some people go to bed normally and wake up as maniacs? Some of the hardened criminals in Nigeria know the Bible some of those who sell food stuffs like garri, using the back of the cup instead of the inside, also know the Bible. Others who stuff basket of tomatoes half way with straw and sell it as a full basket know the Bible too! There are many others like these hypocrites and cheats. What shall we say about men who beat their wives? Many of them know the Bible.

If the word is hidden in your heart, when your wife provokes you to the point you loose your temper and lift your hand to strike her, the spirit of God will withhold your hand instantly before it descends on your wife. The same thing applies to women who are anointed to talk like parrots when they are annoyed. But if they have the word of God in their hearts, when the parrot spirit comes on them the word of God will take control before they explode. I advise you, as a man, to pray that the word of God touch the heart of your wife when the parrot anointing comes upon her. Any woman that has hidden the word of God in her heart rebukes the parrot spirit whenever it is about to take hold of her. If the word of God is hidden in your heart, it not only becomes the salt that keeps you blameless until Jesus comes but also keeps you from destruction. “The LORD shall preserve thee from all evil; He shall preserve thy soul” (Ps. 121:7).

That means that no matter where the evil comes from, whether from witchcraft, coven or family shrine, the salt of God?s word is able to protect you. Ps. 121:6 and Ps. 91:5-8 testify also to the fact that the word of God preserves from destruction. According to Ps. 91:5-8, The salt will divert the satanic arrow aimed at you and preserve you from being a target. Alleluia! The salt will protect you from any terminal epidemic that is claiming lives in your environment. The salt also protects you from sudden death. It may be that men in your family have been known to die in their sleep. That will not be your portion because of the salt in you. You will neither die another man?s death nor die untimely. You will take your portion in the land of the living. You will see your enemies falling while you are still running, flying and moving forward.

The many times David escaped Saul’s javelin in 1Sam. 19:10 is an evidence of the way the covenant of salt protects. Similarly, every time your enemies throw their javelin at you something will quicken you to move away from being hurt. Your soul will always escape like a bird (Ps. 124:7). The Bible went further to say: ?So Michal let David down through a window: and he went, and fled and escaped ? took an image and laid it in the bed ? behold there was an image in the bed? (1Sam. 19:12-16). Similarly, when your enemies come looking for you, they will catch but your shadows. They will never see you in your office or at home. They will only see your shadow in your business, job, school, family etc. Psalm 121:8 summarizes it all: ?The LORD preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth and forevermore.? Can you see once again the covenant of salt in the above verse? Any vehicle you board will never be involved in any accident. I refuseaccident of any kind in your life. When you go out in the morning you will come back safely in the evening, whether you travel by air, water, or road. Even if it is by motorbike, bicycle or on foot, your safe arrival is assured you forever. The LORD has defeated your enemies forever.

It is well with you forever. God will give you light, lift you up and bless you forever. Whatever God has done for you is forever. What His word has spoken concerning you is forever. You will shine like a star forever and ever! Amen!!


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