By Debbie Ogunjobi
THE human eyes have been done a  disservice by their hosts. We actually don’t use them just for the sake of vision, the human eyes are trained from birth to judge, to disparage, to select, appreciate or condemn.

The human eyes have been desecrated enough to become a tool of separation, creating a duality that is far from the master plan of the universe.

Every single thing created is eternally innocent that is why no one is beyond redemption no matter what they have done.

God’s eyes are truly open to the beauty of his creation and forgiveness is the reward for true penitence.

While our actions may sometimes invite consequences that are painful, we have the privilege of a journey back to light when we repent and atone; and nothing could be more beautiful.

For some reason a misconception has become the way of life, ever since Adam and Eve’s misadventure with the apple we all tend to wear a garment of shame, some more so than others. Being self conscious is one of the greatest vices of man, because our eyes have judged particular traits in ourselves and others to be beautiful or ugly, we all live in denial of what truly is.

When the world was created, the Creator saw everything as beautiful, Adam and Eve pranced around naked without shame or candour before their eyes opened and shame became the universal heritage.

Shame is the mother of judgement, racism, prejudice and hatred; these in turn gave birth to greed, murder, envy and most evils. The result is a world teetering on the edge of a precipice; that sounds really awful but the good news is that we are slowly but surely being reconciled to divine order.

Being recipients of unending grace is making us more graceful and that in itself is a revolution on the level of spirit which will yet manifest on the level of form.

Every single one of us is beautiful and that is being seen in the appreciation of things that are different from the norm. No longer are we confined to the notions of beauty that led to anorexia and fair skin, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, in all circumstances and predicaments.

Our eyes are the     gateway to our souls    and if we must use them for the purpose they were made, they have to view the world in all its entirety.

You cannot choose what to look at, for your soul to learn and exercise compassion you have to look at the sick, the broken and all other things and people that make us recoil.

You do not have the privilege of looking away from the woman whose right breast is rotting away with cancer and begging for money by the side of the road.

Your eyes must fully comprehend the sight of a man who has just been shot and bleeding to death by the road, if you are unable to physically help you can say a prayer at the very least.

I personally am shaken to my marrow when I encounter such sights and would normally look away but my soul is demanding that I look and deal with the fear the sight elicits, the horror of other people in pain, the shame of another person’s nudity and the reluctance to be moved to compassion to help.

The eyes play a very significant part in our human experience not only because of physical vision but even more importantly, spiritual vision.

We are more than our bodies; we are a wonderful concoction of miracles fashioned by God to exist on the level of spirit, soul and body.

To fully appreciate just how precious life is, we have to see clearly without judgement, we have to comprehend that the body is just one aspect of who and all that we are. We must fully be engaged in life and not shut our eyes anytime we see what we judge as unpleasant.

Without judgement we are just different, no one is ugly, we just are!! Its time to really look at the world without super imposing social, cultural, political, economic and religious veils.

Perception must change to give people a chance to live without judgement or identification in any form; we must learn appreciation rather than condemnation, we must embrace all things as beautiful because the Lord God made them so.

In the first of this long series, I propose we begin with our eyes. Begin to view the world with a new set of eyes, find beauty in everything and everyone compulsorily from this very minute.

When I began this assignment, I watched a program on CNN where a baby was born with one head, one torso and four legs and four arms.

She crawled about like an animal and while my normal reaction was to recoil in horror, I stilled my self not to change the channel; I looked for the beauty in that work of creation which was all beauty and all innocence, and I found it.

The child was going to undergo an    operation to remove the excess limbs so I sent forth a heart felt prayer asking God to help guide the doctors.

Without the eyes of judgement and a mind of identification, that child was as beautiful as any other, and so is everyone we find revolting or repulsive.

You can change the world one person at a time; purpose to look for beauty in any and everyone, in any and everything, stop judging, stop identifying and separating; the world is as should be!!

If you don’t like who you or where you are then quit grumbling and do something positive to change it; you can begin by praying that your eyes be renewed to see the beauty and innocence that still abound.

You can begin to look at yourself and see beauty instead of all the scars and mistakes. God sees you and everyone else as eternally innocent and beautiful.. Look at everything again and for every single day find something beautiful, stop judging, don’t identify, if you judge anyone, you judge God.

In my quest for beauty I discovered a new world of it in the Middle Eastern poetry of Hafiz of Shiraz (1230-91) the greatest lyric poet of Persia, who took the poetic form of the Ghazal to unparalleled heights of subtlety and beauty.

The sun won a beauty contest and became a jewel set upon God’s right hand.The earth agreed to be a toe ring on the Beloved’s foot And has never regretted its decision.

The mountains got tired Of sitting amongst a sleeping audienceAnd are now stretching their arms Toward the Roof. The clouds gave my soul an idea So I pawned my gills And rose like a winged diamond Ever trying to be near More love, more love Like you.

The Mountain got tired of sitting Amongst a snoring crowd inside of me And rose like a rip sunInto my eye. My soul gave my heart a brilliant idea So Hafiz is rising like a Winged diamond. We are the guardians of His Beauty We are the protectors Of the Sun.

There is only one reason We have followed God into this world: To encourage laughter, freedom, dance And love. Let a noble cry inside of you speak to me Saying,”Hafiz, Don’t just sit there on the moon tonight Doing nothing -Help unfurl my heart into the Friend’s Mind, Help, Old Man, to heal my wounded wings!” We are the companions of His BeautyWe are the guardians Of Truth.

Every man, plant and creature in Existence, Every woman, child, vein and noteIs a servant of our Beloved -A harbinger of joy, The harbinger ofLight.


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