While the reason adduced by Amodu may sound unreasonable elsewhere, it is perfectly logical in the Nigerian context. The way football analysts and fans criticize the coach and players and call for the employment of Siasia after every match is not encouraging at all. Friendly matches are not supposed to be a do or die affair. They are meant to test new players, tactics, etc. However, for Nigerians that is not the case. So I support Amodu.

Eagles jubilating after scoring a goal
Eagles jubilating after scoring a goal

Ms O.E Taiwo Ben UdechukwuAba
I think I agree with Amodu & NFA on this one. If they lose that match against Uruguay or play a less than average match, Nigerians will crucify them & write them off including me.

So I’ll prefer they do not play any match so that they’ll go into the match against Tunisia in Abuja fresh  confident.
From Onyedili Obiora (Muscate,

By Jude Atupulazi

Look, we made the initial mistake of choosing Amodu in place of Siasia. Now we are stuck with the mistake, we have to encourage him because he has really not failed. He is yet to lose a competitive match, while teams like Cameroun are struggling.

I,  however,  only hope he knows what he’s doing by dropping those friendlies which would have further cemented team flow and understanding. No coach ever escapes criticism and Amodu should know this. If we fail again, blame those who appointed him.

As we are humans and have the ability to think and reason positively no two persons can do these things alike, but we must always reach a compromise by collating these views from different Nigerians and laying them on the table for proper assessment. It is part of the responsibility of the technical crew to accept criticisms and weigh them for proper decision making. It makes their job easier except they see their self as Alpha and omega which I don’t think they are.
Amodu,  Please Welcome Critics. It  Is Part Of Your Responsibility!
Christopher Ihueze
Chris Chime Ihueze   God Is Able To Do All Things!

If Shuaib Amodu is not capable of continuing as the coach of the Nigeria Super Eagles let him  resign and let someone else who can stand the criticism of the press and or the general public step in.   Criticism  is a regular thing globally.  It is sad for Amodu to cancel friendly matches because of criticisms.

I am one of those who are against foreign coaches but then the attitude of our indigenous coaches sometimes laves much to be desired.

I beg to disagree with Shuaib Amodu and his employers who are trying to save the money that does not belong to them.  Wake them up from their slumber before it is too late.

Reuben Akintunde Esq.
Once again, those in charge of the Eagles both the technical crew and the NFF are showing complacency on how to prepare the Eagles for their next match against the Tunisians.

Well,  the Eagles went to Tunisia and picked up a draw and the next thing I hear is that the Eagles have their fate to qualify.
Some so called analysts or pundits are saying that all the Eagles need to do is to ensure they win their match against Tunisia in Abuja and top the group, then make sure they do not lose their remaining two matches.

Mathematically,  this is good but one thing we have to understand is that without adequate preparations the team may not be able to do much.

My humble advise is that the Eagles should play some friendly matches to prepare them for the tough games ahead. This can be done now that the various leagues in Europe have   not resumed. This will help a lot for better cohesion in the team.

All the same,  I wish the NFF, Technical Crew as well as the players the best in their remaining games.

I believe that Nigeria will fly her flag in South Africa in 2010 with hard work.
Bucharest, Romania

I am writing with regards to the article posted on your page “Revealed! Why Amodu cancelled friendly matches for Eagles” I am appalled to hear the excuse that “He feels that the media and many Nigerians are always antagonistic especially after every game.” What coach in the world expects to play games without due criticism?.

Friendly matches are played to fine tune strategies and make a team better. Friendly games are meant to find out your teams strengths and weaknesses. It is ridiculous to hear a coach “scared” of criticism affecting players and these are supposed to be “professionals”. I am not one to complain about how a coach does his job but this goes to show to me beyond reasonable doubt that this coach is incompetent, and is not ready for the task ahead.

Nigeria needs to start making arrangements to hire a more experienced coach who knows the importance of friendly games as a way of making his team stronger and playing better as a unit. Games are sometimes won from the bench based on a coach’s technical, tactical, and man management skills.  I do not see that with the present Nigerian bench( Amodu/Amokachi) that feeds off gambles.

So if Amodu thinks he knows his players already, how is he going to know who is in good form and game ready?  These coaches have been riding on good luck and it will not last too long. The world cup in Africa is good ground for the Nigerian team to showcase its talent and at least go beyond the quarter finals. I do not see this happening with the present bunch of  coaches.

Idowu Elias

Hi , I think it will be a very big mistake not playing any friendly prior to this all deciding encounter against the Tunis. The reasons given so far by Amoudu do not hold water. I would advice the trainer and all the technical crew to arrange for a friendly, even if we have to play weak countries like Luxumburg or even Moldovia.
September is still afar, so any friendly will expose any lapses in the team, and it is a common convention in modern soccer.  Countries like German, (England, France…) where I am residing will never play any crucial game without a friendly match. I hope trainer Amoudu knows how important this match is, so why take such a risk?
Well, for me a friendly should be a must, criticism or not, Nigeria need a friendly to help gauge the team…Nevertheless, I wish the trainer and the Super eagles all the best of luck and looking forward to a friendly…
Emenike writes from Berlin,  German

The friendly match with Uruguay should not be cancelled as it will provide proper exposure for the players and an avenue for the coaches to correct mistakes.
I believe strongly that with the position we are now in our group, national assignment should be given preference to club assignment and also a friendly match preparation will not be more than a week or two.

Christopher Enagbare (Holland)

I write with reference to the above article of Friday 17 July, 2009.

It is a known fact that the Super Eagles would need at least a friendly match to tune up the team and possibly try the probables in the midfield which every football loving Nigerian has been clamouring for.  If Amodu is running away from criticism, I think he is better advised to take criticism rather than reproach.  The criticism that could come against him if he plays any friendly match would be better than persecution he may likely receive after losing to Tunisia in the return leg.  Such criticism to me, would be corrective. It is better than losing to Tunisia when in fact no remedy would be available to him.
On the issue of club engagement, all the players have continued to pledge their unalloyed readiness to come for any match towards qualifying for the world cup fiesta.
As the writer rightly said, it is never late for NFF and Coach Amodu to have a re-think on the friendlies.  At least a friendly match would not be too bad for the team to address the weak areas.
NFF and Coach Amodu should please think beyond criticism and note that qualification of Nigeria is of paramount importance to us all.


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