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How students murdered their colleague in Afikpo

By Dennis Agbo

Abakaliki – The Ebonyi State Police Commissioner, Kachi  Udeoji, last week called an unusual press briefing at the Command Headquarters in Abakaliki.

During the briefing, it was obvious that the Police boss was agitated,and this stemmed from reports that his command has compromised justice in the murder of a 21-year-old boy, David Unya in his home at Afikpo, Ebonyi State.

The visibly angry Police Commissioner whom Police sources said, had earlier received calls from the Inspector-General of Police, Sir Mike Okiro over the same issue wasted little time in explaining the circumstances surrounding the case.

Contrary to earlier reports that two of the suspects arrested in the case, Kingsley Ibe (17) and Christopher Isu (19) had been set free from police custody, Ebonyi State Police boss CP denied the report and paraded the two youngsters before newsmen.

The CP narrated that on June 18, 2009, the two suspects and others still at large attacked late David Unya who is their friend and killed him.

According to him, “What happened was that the deceased and his friend, Kingsley went to a local wrestling match and while there, an argument ensued between them over a wallet.

The argument later degenerated into a fight.  After they had retired to their homes, Kingsley organized three other boys and they went to David Unya’s house and attacked him.  The poor boy ran for his life but they pursued and killed him.  In their bid to escape, the landlord was able to arrest one of them.

“When he was arrested and handed over to the police, by virtue of our diligence, we were able to arrest the main person who arranged for this attack which is Kingsley.

No body has compromised that gruesome murder of David Unya.  The two suspects:  Kingsley, who masterminded it and  Christopher are in our custody,”

The CP stated that Kingsley has confessed  that he organized it for several reasons and that none of the suspects has been released, noting that the matter is not in Afikpo, but with the Headquarters in Abakaliki.  He further said the other two people at large where being sought after, promising that before long, his men shall arrest them and bring them to book.

When interviewed, Kingsley Ibe (17) said,  “It was on the 18th June, 2009, when I went to watch wrestling  at our place (Afikpo) that a group of boys came with my friend David Unya (the deceased).

They came and took away my phone, the wallet in my pocket and my bangle.   So when I got home, I saw my friend and after narrating what happened to him, he told me that David still owed him N300 that we should go.

We went to their place at Ngodo to complain to his mother, but met his sister by name Ogadinma.  So, I told his sister what David and his boys did to me.

“As I was coming out of their house, people were shouting that they saw David and before I could get there,  they had beaten David up. And all I could hear again was thief, thief, so I had to go away from the place and went to my house.

Later while I was in my house, the sister came and was shouting that I have killed her brother that I should go and carry the corpse. But I said to myself, I did not touch David, the sister held me at my singlet and pulled it out.

The boys that beat him were Nicholas, Ejike Otu Okoroka, Ikenna, aka stagger. I went there with them because my friend said that David owed him N300.

That was my main reason why I followed him.  I was not there when they were beating him. I was in their house complaining to the sister.  They saw David at the main road where they used to sell hot drink and started beating him.  I was not there with them.”

But Christopher Isu (19) maintains all of them joined hands to beat David till he died. Hear him: “On that Thursday 18th June, 2009, he (pointing at Kingsley) met me at Ugwuagu.  I saw how his face was brutalized and when I asked him he said that it was David (deceased) that did it to him.

To be sincere, he was with a phone and wallet.  The deceased did not collect it but he gave it to one boy called Manager at Ugwuagu.  So, I decided to go with him so that we can report to the parents of David. On our way, we saw his sister called Ogadinma.

While we were reporting to the sister, three of those boys; Nicholas Otu,  Okoro and Manager identified David and ran after him and when we were trying to come out there to see David, the sister held Kingsley on his clothes and Kingsley slapped her.

Kingsley and I were there when everything happened.  David ran inside one house.   I didn’t know it is the grand mother’s house when the whole thing started.

So, I picked up a fire- wood there in order to scare those people away and the stick hit him (David) on his head that was what happened.  I was the one who hit him with the stick; I was trying to disperse them when the stick hit him.

“He did not die immediately.   I was shocked he (pointing at Kinsley again) ran away from us and other three boys because I was shocked.  I did not know what to do again. To be sincere, David himself  was a friend to me because when I had injuries, he was the one who took care of me.

The wallet and phone in question he (Kingsley) gave it to one boy called Manager in his place.  David did not collect any thing from him or wallet when the thing happened.  I was shocked so I stood there and was
caught and taken to police station.”


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