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Help! Frank, 35, seeks N2m for bladder surgery

By Onozure Dania
THIRTY-FIVE-YEAR-OLD Frank Emeka Ozor, an Evangelist from Delta State needs help and needs it fast. Fortunes forthe fair-skinned man,  who has been evangelising for a few years, suddenly took a turn for the worse during one of his evangelisations, when he was involved in a road traffic accident.

According to the man, it was a hit-and-run case, during which he reportedly sustained injuries that adversely affected his limb and urinary tract. He also sustained a compound fracture on one of his legs.

No thanks to this freak accident, he has been unable to function optimally as a healthy adult.

For one, he is unable to walk properly because the leg fracture has left him with a pronounced limp. Worse still, attempts to  urinate are a nightmare, because of the bladder injuries which makes him unable to urinate the way nature intended.

In a chat, Frank said since his accident, he has been able to urinate only with the aid of a catheter attached to a urine bag.

“When I had the accident, the vehicle that hit me ran away. It was a woman who witnessed the incident who  rushed me to the hospital, where I was referred to Ikeja General Hospital, where I  went through series of operations costing over N500, 000.”

Frank noted that since the  accident on May 27, 2005 , he has not been himself.  “I  lost my accommodation in the cause of this accident. and need to go to hospital to the change the pipe every three weeks, to enable me pass urine easily.” Even this   costs him at least N5,000 for the replacement of the pipe.

A medical report from the Lagos University Teaching Hospital signed by one dr Akintomide Adegboyega said Frank has a diagnosis of Posterior Urethral Stricture to Proximal Bulbar. A urethral stricture is a narrowing of the urethra caused by injury or disease such as urinary tract infections or other forms of urethritis.

Medical experts say during the early stages of the condition, the affected person experiences pain during urination and the inability to fully empty the bladder and that it is not uncommon for the bladder’s capacity to significantly increase due to this inability to completely void.

They noted that urethral strictures may cause problems with urination, including in certain cases the complete inability to urinate, which is a medical emergency.

The doctor’s recommendation of a Sono-Urethrogram and other approaches for correction of the defect is what has got Frank running from pillar to post to raise the princely sum of N2 million required for the procedure.

It was gathered that the Sonourethrogram is performed by injecting gel like liquid including  into the urethra to see for any obstruction by ultrasound. Medical literature says it may cause discomfort and pain.

Says Frank: “I’m appealing to the public, to well meaning Nigerians to help raise this money. The operation will relive me once-and-for-all from the very severe pains i have to endure when urinating.  “ I am an orphan. I have only one sister and God.  That is why I have come here to put it in to writing , so that people will get to read it and help me.  I don’t want to go in to the streets, to beg.”


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