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Choosing a Cocktail dress

By Yemisi Suleiman

Cocktail parties call for short (knee-length or shorter) dresses with some specialness to them. Cocktail party wear is all about the dress. Attending a cocktail party or an event that calls for cocktail party attire, gives you a great opportunity to show your femininity and put a fabulous look together.

dress1Look for a short dress, not a long one like most people do. Wear your dress above the knee if you have great, slender legs. If your thighs are big, but your calves are shapely, wear your dress at the knee. If your knees are a problem, wear your dress just below the knee.

A party deserves a party dress. Don’t wear a dress that you could wear every day. Wear a dress in great fabric that feels good next to your skin; silk in satin, taffeta or chiffon work wonders for cocktail party dresses. For budget selections, look for polyester or rayon, both of which mimic silk well at more affordable prices.
For styles, add the drama of one shoulder and get the long and lean look from this stunning outfit for any body shape. You could pick an elegant black lace dress which is appropriate for formal events, but works for a nice cocktail party too.

If you have found the perfect cocktail dress but are not sure what to wear with it, here are some wonderful suggestions to get you glamorous with crystals, jewellery and other glitzy details.

Make a statement with a bold necklace

If you are wearing a dress with a simple neckline, add a bold statement necklace that uses chunky stones, colourful baubles or bold beads. This fabulous necklace will certainly cull some attention.

Put on a pair of strappy sandals

Now, you just need a pair of fabulous shoes. Select high heel sandals in bold bright colours or shiny metallics. For cold weather months, you can select patent or suede peep toe pumps to go with your cocktail dress.
One more thing, pull up you hair, add a glossy red lipstick and you will be the highlight of the party.

Wear a stone cuff bracelet

It’s okay if you don’t want to wear too much jewellery. If you decide to forego the necklace, wear a cuff bracelet adorned with diamonds, stones or crystals.

Add a pair of drop earrings

Start out with a fabulous pair of drop earrings. Choose earrings that are embellished with diamonds and other gemstones. They will look great on a black cocktail dress.


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