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Unexpected Food Objects (UFOs) —2

By Ifeoma Tate Mbuk
Now we know what our rights and responsibilities as consumers are. How then can we seek redress in a genuine case of unexpected object such as a hair weave in a meatpie? I will advise that you do not make a scene. Do not keep quiet either. Quietly point out the object to your waiter and ask for a replacement.
Causing a scene by yelling at the waiter will likely get you nowhere, and there may be something worse than a hair strand in the next dish coming to your table. Where the waiter cannot handle the situation, refer to the manager. Any business worth its while will endeavour to treat customer complaints with kid gloves otherwise not only will that business image suffer a dent, competition will capitalise on any opportunity to win a new customer.

Bad news spread like wild fire and dissatisfied customers will always share their ugly experiences with others. Suppliers of goods or services must understand that customer loyalty and retention involves a lot of effort as well as sacrifice on their part and this should be demonstrated when handling customer issues. “You win some, you lose some”. When you treat customers with tender loving care, they will advertise your business by word-of-mouth at no cost to you. However, if you are still not satisfied with the way your complaint was handled, the Consumer Protection Council, Abuja, recommends the following steps.

1. Keep a record of your conversation – who you spoke with and when and the action promised. If you cannot resolve the problem at this level, then.

2. You can contact the company Headquarters and if possible the management. The company management may be grateful for your input and your input can help identify problems that are bad for business and help the business grow. If this fails then,

3.Write a complaint letter to the CPC An effective complaint letter should be clear, concise and include all facts. Include copies (not originals) of documents regarding your complaints such as receipts, invoices, warranties, repair orders, cancelled cheques or any correspondence with the company. Complaint should be addressed to the Director General, Consumer Protection Council, Abuja.

Include a telephone number where you can be reached. The CPC Act states in section 6(2) that “where a consumer or a person having an interest in a matter is an illiterate or is subject to a physical disability and thereby unable to write, the clerk or any other official working with the state committee or council shall cause such person’s statement to be written at no fee or payment of any kind from such consumer or person”

•File your complaint promptly. The earlier you submit your complaint the less likely you are to forget important details.
•Outline the important facts of the case.


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