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The peeping bra

Not too long ago, I went bra shopping. Sorry if you didn’t get what I meant. I went brazier shopping and ran into a young designer that I happen to know. We had two big bags before us to pick from. As a conservative, classic personality, my natural instincts led me to picking the black ones. For me colour was not an issue.

Peeping bra
Peeping bra

The issue was getting a d cup in size 32. Each time i found something agreeable, it turned out to be black. So I had about five bras all in black. My young friend was more interested in the colourful bras. She had pink, purple, brown, red, turquoise blue and one in an array of colours. Sighting my all black choice, she couldn’t but comment.

“Don’t tell me you are wearing black” she said leaning over to take a peak at what I was wearing. “Black and white is so boring” she told me. “ Every time I go out, unconsciously, I look at women’s bras to see who is wearing an exciting colour” she further revealed.

According to her, she finds it bad enough that women’s bras stick out of their dresses only to find that it is not a cheerful colour” she finished totally pissed off. Before she left, I became a convert and added some colour to the number of bras I bought.

This piece is not really about the number of bras I bought or the colour, but the stack reality that a lot of women walk city streets with their bras showing. The popular spaghetti piece of fashion item has not helped matters. Although there are sleeveless bras designed to be used for such outfits, there are women who still choose to wear a strappy bra with a spaghetti outfit. In some cases, the bra strap is wider than the blouse strap making the underwear an outer wear.

To cushion the effect of this, the transparent bra has also been devised. But the fact that something is transparent doesn’t make it invisible. There is a lot of tacky dressing on the street to feed eyes a life time.

When something that is meant to be an under wear is proudly and consciously allowed to be exposed, we draw undue attention to ourselves. Older women who should know better are not guiltless in with trend. Women not only flaunt, under wears, they flaunt their mammary gland like a two edged weapon. Every battle against the feminine gender has recently been taken to the breast region.

I sense the men saying, tell them. This is not about talking to the women alone. Men are also guilty in their own respect. When did a pair of boxers become an item you should wear to receive a guest? The days were when our fathers were decent about their underwears-white Hings briefs and singlet all well kept under shirt and trouser. But with the rise in male infertility, younger men are opting for the roomier boxer shots.

But its use is totally misapplied. Like the bra, the boxer shot is also an under wear. Today, it is not a strange sight to see a young man step out of his house walking around the neighbourhood in his boxer shots. And because nothing is worn under it, his supreme head quarter(SHQ) becomes unruly in front of them swinging like a pendulum as he goes along.

While the country is rebranding with the slogan good people, great nation, fashion wise, every individual will need to do a personal re branding. A simple way to start is by taking this little tip. Find out the things that constitute an under wear and those that can be described as outer garment. Let the under wears remain what they are meant to be. There is no time indecency can be equated for hip. It can only pass when you are surrounded by people who don’t know better. But don’t we know?


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