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Permanent Hair Removal

By Angella Olu-Ajetunmobi
What could be better than foregoing the razor or the hot wax, but still having silky smooth skin? No regrowth, no stubble and no oops, I forgot to shave! moments at the beach. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, advances in permanent hair removal mean that the future is now you can have hair effectively and permanently removed!
There are two popular methods for permanent hair removal. Each method has its benefits, and one may be more suitable for you than the other.

Laser hair removal is a highly effective means of removing hair. Because of the way the laser is used, it can be tuned to each individual’s skin type and tone, so the outcome is always the ideal one from person to person. This type of permanent hair removal is popular because of the rapidity of the treatment and the large area of hair that can be covered in each session.

Where other treatments may need to be performed over a number of years, laser treatment tends to be done in several sessions over a few months, after which time the hair removal is said to be complete. Aside from slight, temporary patchiness in the skin, there is little risk in the procedure itself.

The safety of the patient is fairly well assured, especially as laser hair removal is performed by a skilled medical practitioner. Patients are advised to stay out of the sun in the weeks before and after their treatment, as sun damage can cause the hair removal to be undone, but these are really the only precautions that need to be taken. Laser hair removal is available to most people interested in permanent hair removal. Its adaptability makes it suitable for almost all skin types, although at this stage it can not be used for removing very fair or white hair.

Many people are interested in whether or not this type of permanent hair removal treatment is painful, as you would expect a laser entering your skin to be! Most patients feel nothing but a slight burning sensation, akin to being flicked with an elastic band, and do not require any kind of anesthesia. In the days immediately following the treatment, the skin may feel slightly sunburned. As far as permanent hair removal goes, laser treatment is highly effective and comparatively affordable.

Electrolysis is a bit of a buzz word in the beauty industry. Many people hear about it and talk about it, without really knowing what it means. This method of permanent hair removal requires a great amount of skill to be performed correctly, but if it is, the results are excellent. Hair is removed using a very fine metal probe, which is inserted into the hair follicle, and does not penetrate the skin.

Electricity is passed through the probe, which in turn damages the areas that generate and grow hair. Ta-da! The part of your epidermis that creates hair can do it no longer, allowing for permanent hair removal. Electrolysis has been performed at various levels for more than a century. It is proven in its effectiveness and studies suggest that as many as 93 per cent of patients are likely to experience excellent results.

Although it is not as efficient as laser hair removal, it often requires less sessions. However, permanent hair removal of this kind can be expensive, and the nature of the procedure is that it is time consuming and not always useful for thick or plentiful hair.

It is generally only used in small areas like the eyebrows or upper lip. These two methods are both highly effective for permanent hair removal. The choice of one procedure over the other should be based on several fairly straightforward factors:

Skin sensitivity electrolysis is more suitable for very sensitive skin  The area of hair to be removed laser treatment is better for larger areas How much you hope to spend electrolysis is significantly more expensive than laser treatment.
There are do it yourself appliances available for permanent hair removal, but these usually involve plucking or tweezing hair.

This is fairly ineffective and hair usually grows back within 6 weeks. It also increases the risk of ingrown hairs and infected or swollen pores, which are very unsightly!

Permanent hair removal is excellent for ensuring that your skin always feels soft and smooth. As long as you make sure you choose the right option for you and seek the advice of a good medical practitioner, you should be happily throwing away your razors in no time!


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