June 22, 2009

Jonnie Walker hosts 2nd SMS, increase sale by 170%

By Princewill Ekwujuru
Jonnie Walker (J&W), a  scotch whisky brand says it sells 5 bottles per second every day which has increased its sales profile to over 170 percent in three years in Nigeria, as it hosts second  Striding Man Society (SMS) official gathering.

Johnnie Walker is the World’s number one premium whisky and the number one choice of the world’s whisky experts.  5 bottles of Johnnie Walker are sold every second of every day.  In Nigeria, sales of Johnnie Walker have increased by over 170 percent in just 3 years.

The event which witnessed in  attendance  Nigeria’s top businessmen and women who heard a motivational speech from Ali Baba titled “Wigs to Wits.”

The Johnnie Walker  SMS is a business networking forum for individuals who strive for and demonstrate personal progress in all aspects of their lives.

The Nigeria Chapter of the SMS was launched in April with His Excellency Mr Donald Duke, Former Governor Cross River States as the guest speaker.  It has already been launched in South Africa and Kenya and takes its name from the Johnnie Walker Striding Man logo which is a global icon of personal progress and the ‘Johnnie Walker Keep Walking’ campaign which epitomises the constant drive for success and personal progress of Johnnie Walker himself.

Members of the Striding Man Society are numbered among a select group who appreciate the finer things in life – not least of which is a glass of Johnnie Walker’s finest blended and award winning whisky.

As part of the event, the Johnnie Walker Master Blender from Scotland, Mr Gordon Bell, hosted a mentored tasting session of Johnnie Walker® products.  Mr Bell has over 45 years experience in the Scotch whisky industry.  He travels the world in his quest to bring a greater understanding and appreciation of Scotch whisky to consumers.

As a  Brand Ambassador and Master of Scotch Whisky, shared his extensive knowledge of the art of blending with Members and explained how the many malt whiskies used bring out the nuances of flavour in the final blend.  He also gave a fascinating insight into the heritage of Scotch whisky and its origins.

Commenting on the event, Mark Barrett, Senior Trade Marketing Manager for Johnnie Walker  in Africa said:  “We are delighted to host the second Striding Man Society meeting here in Nigeria.

The response from our first event was overwhelming with many of those attending commenting on how they valued the opportunity to meet other like mind individuals at such a unique networking opportunity – as well as enjoy Johnnie Walker® which they consider to be a mark of their success and personal progress.”