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The casuality in Boro (2)

I AM sure there is a hidden hand good at deliberately painting persons traitors to justify a mob action unleashed on the victim. If not, by what logical analysis could one arrive at the irrational position that there is a trace of betrayal in Chief Tunde and Chief Boro over their roles in the communal war just now?

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We now know that Buhari can talk by Reuben Abati

I was really excited on Saturday when I received news of the eventual visit of President Muhammadu Buhari’s media team to him in London. I had always felt that the exclusion of the media team from the London medical vacation and the various visits practically undermined the Presidential media office, and created the space for the mismanagement of the communication process around and about the President’s illness.

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A wake up call for African leaders

AT a rally in Chinhoyi, his home province, AT a rally in Chinhoyi, his home province,  President Robert Mugabe told thousands of jubilant supporters that he won’t be stepping down and no other Zimbabwean had the political stature to take over from him. The 93 year old ‘sit tight’ president had just returned from his third medical trip to Singapore this year alone. Perhaps, president Mugabe might need to revisit his independence speech delivered in 1980 when he declared that “the wrongs of the past must stand forgiven and forgotten.

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