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Between Buhari and Buhari

THE relationship between a husband and a wife is so iron clad that no person or matter can come between them especially in a blissful atmosphere. Wives are known to protect the interest of their husbands especially in the public domain and the stakes are even higher should the husband be a politician and a president at that. Aisha Buhari, the spouse of President Muhammadu Buhari cuts a perfect picture of a dutiful and obedient spouse.

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Economic recession: Emefiele is not our problem(2)

THE professor was urged to drop the electronic device so that the process would be manipulated without success. Our vaults were emptied to buy votes but those sent kept the money in their underground wells. Nigerians were used as collateral for more loans that were shared amongst them. A blue-blooded retired army officer was given our national ATM card. It has no withdrawal limit.

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Edo: New Oba, new governor

Edo: New Oba, new governor TODAY, Thursday October 20, the ancient kingdom of Benin and indeed the good people of Edo State are making history. A new dawn beckons as the 39th Oba of Benin is being crowned. Twenty-one days from now, that is on November 12, a new governor, elected after a fierce gubernatorial
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Femi Adesina

Corruption: Those who eat sour grapes will have their teeth set on edge – Presidency

There are certain things he holds dear that just resonate with me. Number one is discipline. The fact that he has personal discipline and wants people around him to be disciplined just flushes with my personal conviction. Then, his simplicity. If you know him, he holds power with simplicity ,lives a simple lifestyle and his commitment to serving the country and making an impact in the lives of the ordinary Nigerians. I also love to make impact in people’s lives whenever I can.

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Economic recession: Emefiele is not our problem

EARLY this year, Pastor Tunde Bakare, apparently in response to his dwindling church collections, called for the resignation or sack of Mr. Godwin Emefiele, Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN. Some legislators including Dino Melaye, the unofficial spokesman of the embattled Senator Bukola Saraki, joined the fray without empirical fact to link the current economic challenges to the nation’s chief banker. These rabble-rousers received unquantifiable attacks from all angles.

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On arrest of judges and Sahara Reporters’ slant

JOURNALISM, like any other noble profession, is practised by diligent, educated and proud people. A journalist undergoes tutelage and is well apprised of the norms, dos and don’ts of the profession. A journalist, variously known as a reporter or editor, remains with that tag for life even if he ventures into any other profession. One of the main tenets of journalism is credibility.

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Justice stanch in the Judiciary

THERE is no greater injustice than the judgment of a judge which is peddled in the market place, for sale to the highest bidder. Essentially, the law courts represent the last bastion of justice and hope for the common man. It is of the highest importance that the judiciary in any country for that matter, is not only fair and just in its judgments, but is seen to be transparent and equitable as well.

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ASUU: TSA not the Problem

Since its formation in 1978, no other body of professionals in Nigeria has been as much of a thorn in the flesh of the Nigerian Government as the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU). The carcass of its more-than-three-decades long “struggles” remains with us today. Not exempting any government, dictatorial or democratic, ASUU has mostly advocated for university autonomy, adequate funding and the general wellbeing of academics. Sadly, successive Nigerian governments have reneged on various agreements reached with the body of lecturers and their institutions.

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Obasanjo, Fashola and unending blame game

IT has been sixteen months of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration which translates into exactly one third of a tenure of four years. Buhari therefore has only two-third of his tenure left, but it is yet to dawn on the administration and its supporters that the focus should be on what the government has done over this time, not on what the Jonathan administration did or failed to do.

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