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Should FG declare state of emergency in Education sector?


Nigeria’s Education sector seems to have gone all topsy-turvy, with conflicting policies from authorities within a short space of time. Many in the sector – teachers, lecturers, students and parents are all confused, not knowing the next step to take.

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University of Oxford offers Governance solutions for Nigerian challenges

Being a leader in today’s world is no easy matter, especially in Africa … Modern executives cannot afford to just focus on driving their organisations forward, and responsible “corporate governance” is no longer a word organisation throw around for the good PR. In fact, itmay be imperative to make effective governance the lifeblood of yourorganisation
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Research & Devt: CU makes temperature retention bags

Reports have shown that small and medium-sized enterprises account for over 60 per cent of jobs in developing nations. Unfortunately, due to very poor power supply in Nigeria, many businesses have closed shops, with many job losses. To help small businesses, researchers at Covenant University, Otta, Ogun State, led by Prof. Samuel Wara of the Dept of Electrical & Information Engineering, developed a functional support technology for small businesses. They developed temperature retention bags of various shapes and sizes similar to the wonder bags. In this report, Vanguard Learning presents the innovation, uses and target industry.

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When academic prowess isn’t enough for exploits

The notion that the large number of First Class and 2.1 graduates end up being job seekers due to lack of soft skills, such as corporate etiquette, dress sense, skill development, personal branding, and presentation and amp; communication skills and recruitment tips formed the core of the two day seminar on soft skills development for graduating students of the University of Lagos.

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