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A stranger at the Lagos Airport

You are filled with trepidation as your plane touches ground. The charming air hostess cheerfully welcomes you to Murtala Mohammed Airport Lagos. But you don’t feel welcomed, neither do you feel cheered. All you feel is apprehension; and fear.

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The path of an arrow

A cruise ship offers its guests (passengers) two main choices. They can either immerse themselves in the many frenetic activities the ship offers or opt for tranquility and solitude. In my first outing, the younger me opted for the former—shows, exhibitions, fattening cuisine followed by gym, and capped, in the late evenings, by jazz clubbing. Now, an older, more reflective me chooses the latter.

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Like ants to sugar

I don’t know if anybody made a physical count, but the reports in the media was that 34 private jets landed in Minna for the wedding of Halima, the daughter of General Ibrahim Babangida. In other words, the figure could have been more or less. But 34 jets for a wedding?

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One down, two to go

There was this story among the popular folklore in the South Western part of the country. It was a story of the tortoise and his In-law. For some strange reasons, many of the stories in the ancient folk-lore were woven around the tortoise. Some depicted him as very clever, some had him as very stupid; he was dubious in some and very greedy in some others. But they all invariably taught lessons about character and life. This particular story depicted him as a thief who was caught red-handed by his In-law. As the story went, the In-law tied him to a tree very early in the morning and started caning him. The villagers saw the spectacle on their way to the farm and wondered why his In-law was publicly humiliating him.

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The qualities we desire in a true leader

Depending on who you are listening to or whose analysis you are reading, Nigerians are either very easy to lead or impossible to lead. Those who think Nigerians are very easy to lead point at the relatively docile nature of the people. All the people ask for they argue, are basic amenities like light, water, roads and a place to hide their heads—amenities that other countries take for granted.

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