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    Is’haq Modibbo Kawu

    Witness to return of a Chibok girl

    Rescued Chibok girl, Amina Ali

    THE Maiduguri Government House is often a beehive of activities, especially when the governor is in town. Members of the local political nomenclatural would mix with government employees, security personnel and visitors.

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    *Doing drugs and the aftermath

    The spectre of drug abuse in Northern Nigeria

    A SPECTER is haunting Northern Nigeria; the specter of drugs abuse. On Sunday this week, THISDAY newspaper carried an interview with Olarewaju Ipinmisho, former DG of the NDLEA. He disclosed that Kano, Kaduna, Borno and lately, Niger, are among states “with the highest cases of constant drug abuse in the country”. Furthermore, “if you take an estimate of 10 boys particularly in Kano, seven will be on drugs”.

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    People look at the wreckage of a car, yesterday, after two explosions killed over 35 people in a crowded neighbourhood in Maiduguri, Borno State, weekend. Photo: AFP.

    Borno State: Counting the cost of insurgency

    ON Monday this week, DAILY TRUST led with quotations from a Post Insurgency Recovery and Peace Building Assessment Report, presented by the Borno State Government to the World Bank, based on the effect of the Boko Haram insurgency in Borno, in the last seven years. It was a frightening report, which showed that Borno State lost 20,000 citizens and suffered property damaged worth $5.9billion (N1.9Trillion in today’s parallel market exchange rate).

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    Our very lucrative prayers economy

    LAST week, former Executive Director of the NNPC, Aminu Baba-Kusa, filed a statement of witness at the High Court in Abuja. He told the court that N2.2 billion had been spent on prayers to hasten the defeat of Boko Haram. The money had been released in two tranches of N1, 450, 000, 000 and N750, 000, 000. Not only was the huge sum of money released, the contract proposal had in fact been verbal.

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    •LSPWC officials at work

    Our roads, our lives

    THE news broke at the weekend, of the tragic death of Nigeria’s Minister of State for Labour and Productivity, James Ocholi, wife and a son, on the Kaduna Highway. The frightening destruction of their SUV vehicle went viral online at the weekend, as Nigerians came to terms with the loss of a prominent citizen, on a day when several other citizens would have been killed on our national network of roads unsung, and in a ritual pattern that has become a part of our lives in Nigeria.

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