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Why ‘Men of God’ Don’t Inherit the Kingdom of God

Cross section of newly ordained Assistant Pastors at the 60th Annual Convention of Redeemed Christian Church of God at Redemption Camp, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. Photos: Lamidi Bamidele

In Nigeria, “Men of God” come by the dozen. You see them regularly on television. They are fixtures in newspapers and magazines. They always have something noble to say on the radio. They sit on the high table at every major social gathering or event. They are the counselors and prayer gurus of presidents, governors and other public officials. There is only one problem with “Men of God:” they don’t inherit the kingdom of God.

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What does it mean to be a fisher of men ?

David counsels that when God speaks once, we should hear him twice. (Psalm 62:11). That does not mean twice literally, but several times. Similarly, Jesus maintains we must forgive our brothers seventy times seven times. (Matthew 18:22). That does not mean four hundred and ninety times, but indefinitely. Therefore, when God speaks, we should review what he says again and again.

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Getting chieftaincy titles in the churches

When I wrote my first Christian book, I sent free copies to many pastors in Lagos. One of those to whom I sent a copy sent it back with “return to sender” written on the package, even though it was addressed to his church office. I thought this was strange until Lucky Polete asked to see the package. When I showed it to him, he said: “No wonder. That is a wrong address.”

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Men-pleasers and God-pleasers

Sly Stone was a big popstar. He was lead singer of the Sly and the Family Stone; an avant-garde soul and rock band of the sixties and seventies. He went about with a big entourage; lots of hangers-on who hung on his every word. Sly was clearly fed up with these people licking his boots at every turn. So he cracked a deliberately lousy joke. Then he looked round to see their reaction.

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