APC’s Challenging Road Map

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WHERE would the 10-point road map of All Progressives Congress, APC, lead? APC claims it will  unchain the potentials of Nigeria, leading it to peace, progress, and prosperity.

APC may have new intentions, but it draws membership from Nigerians, many of who applaud when Nigeria ‘s challenges are mentioned, without any inclinations to admit they contributed to the state of Nigeria today.

APC is a new experiment in redeeming Nigeria. Those conducting the experiment have to explain why earlier experiments, in which they participated, failed. They are also tasked to expunge themselves of a past that has no place in their current aspirations.

APC wants to change Nigeria through:

*Better management of our natural resources

*    Building roads, power and infrastructure

*     Creating jobs

*     Fighting corruption

*     Free, relevant, quality education

*      Healthcare plan for children and adults

*     Housing plan

*     Restoring Nigerian agriculture

*    Social welfare plan for the less advantaged

*  Strengthening peace, security, and foreign policy

These are noble ambitions that could really change Nigeria. Any organisation that is able to free Nigerians from these shackles would be creating the new country we desire.

Criticisms of the road map are expected. In the contest for power, the opposition would keenly disagree with the ruling party in almost every issue. The country would benefit from better ideas that are distilled from the contentions to serve the people better.

APC’s road map sets high standards of conduct for politicians and public office holders. Constant APC statements on serving Nigerians better would start making more meaning once APC is different. At the moment, it is not.

The road map is a challenge to all who aspire to lead Nigerians. It is more so for APC, its originator. Only two of the items – natural (mineral) resources and foreign policy – require federal legislation for States to act.

APC should commence the changes the road map promises by implementing

the other eight items through its local governments and States. Its impressive spread of presence in every geo-political zone – South East (Imo), South South (Rivers, Edo), North East (Adamawa, Borno, Yobe), North Central (Kwara, Nasarawa), North West ( Kano , Kebbi, Sokoto, Zamfara) and South West (Ekiti, Lagos , Ogun, Osun, Oyo), 16 States – are enough platforms forAPC to change Nigeria .

A shift from rhetoric to results will make APC different from the other parties. It should start, now.

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