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Trump ‘ordered’ US companies to quit China

United States president, Donald Trump, says he has “hereby ordered” American companies to leave China after Beijing announced plans to slap new tariffs on US goods. The White House did not immediately say what authority the president had to compel private firms to quit a country. The US president also vowed swift retaliation against Beijing
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California, other US states sue Trump over new migrant children detention policy

California governor, Gavin Newsom says the state will join others in filing a new lawsuit as early as next week to block the Trump administration’s efforts to indefinitely detain immigrant minors and families with children. Newsom made this known in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “It’s an assault on the Flores decision,” “Clearly, I
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Ukraine, EU oppose Trump’s suggestion of readmitting Russia to G7

Ukraine’s president backed leading European powers on Thursday in opposing the readmission of Russia to the Group of Seven advanced economies, saying Moscow still occupied Crimea and was frustrating peace in eastern Ukraine, according to Reuters report. United States president, Donald Trump, said on Tuesday it would be “appropriate” to have Russia rejoin what used
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