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PVA: The new virtual secretary for businesses

If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably love what you do. That must have been why you started in the first place. But for a business to succeed, the boring paper work, the administrative support and the tax calculations need to be done by someone. Not many businesses can afford full time administrative support, and not every business owner can travel with an assistant. Founder of Prime Virtual Assitant, Mrs. Edoya David-Atiti says an understanding of these circumstances led to the birth of her Start-up in 2016.

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Foreign suppliers shut credit lines to Nigerian businesses, CBN accuses operators of round-tripping

The organised private sector weekend said that members are finding it difficult to pay foreign creditors for goods imported before the CBN restriction on 41 items access to foreign exchange market in Nigeria. They also said that many hotels in the country are saddled with large amounts of cash, foreign currency which they could not lodge into their domiciliary accounts or do business with.

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