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The acquisition of nuclear

Sometimes around 2006 and 2007,1 was browsing the Internet when I came across a document suggesting that the think-tank in Europe were planning on how they can build and supply small nuclear reactors for the generation of electricity to developing countries. They will also be supplying the nuclear fuel (some kind of processed Uranium used (bed the nuclear reactors) to those developing countries.

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Purging LASU of perdition

In one breadth, it was discovered that part of the reason why students and some lecturers called for the removal of the institution’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Lateef Akanni Hussain, was to cover up heaps of shady acts perpetrated before the VC took over the mantle of leadership at LASU. Thank God that the governor used his wisdom to circumvent the call to sack the VC. Instead he opted not to be stampeded or railroaded into taking action which will have a negative backlash.

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Reflecting on Andy Uba’s politics

NEWS report has it that Dr. Andy Uba, a front-runner in the Anambra gubernatorial race, has declared his support for efforts to return Nigeria to true federalism and has joined MOVUP-NIGERIA (Movement for Unity & Progress of Nigeria) thereby endorsing the organisation’s 12-point constitutional agenda that roots for extensive devolution of power to the states or regions, de-emphasis or moderation of the Federal Character principle in favour of merit, among others.

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CJN:Much ado about an oath

THE swearing in of Hon. Justice Aloysius Katsina – Alu, JSC as Chief Justice of Nigeria on 30th December 2009 now competes on the growing list of our current national controversies with the prolonged absence from this country of President Umaru Yar’ Adua.  

2010: Time for us all to wake up!

“ The Bible says we should pray for all those in authority. This is so that they will guide us aright. If out of grudge and malice we refuse to pray for them, a good sense of judgement will elude them, and they will begin to fumble and stagger in the dark, and their mis-rule will plunge the entire country into darkness. That will mess up the lives of all Nigerians.

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