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Mutu’s arrogance

The Niger Delta is home to different personalities distinguished from one another by character, career, religion and vision but there is one particular man whose story is phenomenally strange and striking because his story is that of a man congenitally obsessed with arrogance.

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Why public office holders can’t enjoy privacy

I DO not believe that a society can sustain its democratic claims if it allows its public office holders to run two lives: an open public life and another jealously sheathed private one. At work, he or she is immersed in files, open for scrutiny, even if their over-embroidered agbada or sky-touching gele wouldn’t permit a full and close watch. But at home, in their closet, they are liberated from any restraint. They are at liberty to trash the discipline of service and accountability.

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Buhari’s new cabinet and need for engineers

‘PUT your money where your mouth is,” is a 19th century American adage that has and will continue to haunt Nigeria until we start matching our voices with our choices. Before we knew it four years have gone with the wind, and we are still complaining of poor electricity with just about 3000MW (around 1999 figures) from the system operator.

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