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Lagos and Fani-Kayode

My Struggle, My Dream, by Fani-Kayode

Nigeria is NOT and was never designed to be a hybrid state where we were meant to forgo our primary identity, forsake the vision of our forefathers and forget our fundamental differences with other nationalities.

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RESPONSE TO DEPORTATION: A cure worse than the disease

As the cliché goes, all this would have been laughable if it is not so tragic. In the heat of the subsisting venom and vitriol, it seems nobody now cares that the first set of “deportees” from Lagos were no other than Yoruba indigenes of Oyo and Osun states. I say this because this knowledge is not reflected in the way and manner protagonists have been conducting the debate on the so-called “deportation” of Igbo from Lagos.

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Re Femi Fani-Kayode: A Bigoted, Anti-Igbo Tribalist

A GREEK proverb warns: “don’t hear one and judge two”. This sensible aphorism would appear to have been ignored by Mr. Femi Aribisala in his article of August 21, 2013, in which he bitterly assailed the contribution, character and person of the late Chief R.A. Fani-Kayode in the following terms : “….Like father, like son: That was 48 years ago.

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Igbo ‘Deportation’: Chief Fani Kayode is my Spokesman

They called him names, pronounced him mental, some even threatened his family members. His crime was that he spoke, not only did he speak, he spoke the truth. This is a very grievous crime to the Igbo. They have their own ideology of what the truth ought to be and all creature must propagate Igbo’s version of ‘the truth’ even if it contradicts the facts on ground. It is a mission that must be accomplished.

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In Defence of Femi Fani-Kayode A True Son of His Mother’s Husband

The striking resemblance between Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, former Adviser to President Olusegun Obasanjo and former Minister of Aviation and his late father is enough to convince anyone of his biological paternity. However, when the Yoruba hail a person as a ‘husband’s child’ it is not necessarily, nor limited to, a confirmation of DNA.

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